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Music Monday: Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz

Meeting Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz:  I was in a moment & completely absorbed in it, it was last birthday, and I had a small army prepare a day for me. Likely I will NEVER forget it. Imagine [...]

Music Monday: Sloan Walkers

There is nothing more gratifying in the music industry then listening to music that comes directly from creative, talented, passionate and most importantly humble people. From the roots of their [...]

Interview: Kaylan Mackinnon

LBH sits down with Kaylan Mackinnon, an up and coming singer/songwriter, actor and university student. It’s rare to see someone with such passion in life, strong family ties, and an exuberant [...]

Interview: Life Is Beautiful, Priory

Today is the day, we’re on location in beautiful downtown Las Vegas bringing you all the action of this magical event! More than a festival, more than a place for artists and passion addicts, [...]