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NEWS: The Five Acre Shaker is back!

  “A sonic adventure just waiting in the wings. 3 full days of camping, beautiful people, and music running free and wild in the middle of the woods… How can you miss this…” – Steve [...]

Music Monday: Illvis Freshly

West Coast Hip Hop, Ghetto Grove, Big Flavored Bass? Rhymes and Poetry! Guitar Assaults! Beastie Boys, meets Cypress Hill with heavy power chords and a sweet Nineties nod; let me introduce Illvis [...]

Festival: Enchanted Forest Gathering 2016

Transformational Yoga, Music, Flow Arts, Wisdom Shares + Shpongle, PANTyRAiD, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo and Hamsa Lila. The sixth annual installment of Enchanted Forest Gathering, Northern [...]

Music Monday: Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz

Meeting Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz:  I was in a moment & completely absorbed in it, it was last birthday, and I had a small army prepare a day for me. Likely I will NEVER forget it. Imagine [...]