Alexia Estrada

My name is Alexia, I am a Las Vegas, Nevada native. Being born and raised in Las Vegas has taught me that there is so much more that meets the eye.


I’ve been taught to keep my ears open for amazing stories, my eyes open to amazing sunsets and my mind open to the different, the unpredictable and the extraordinary. With my ears, eyes and mind wide open I have fallen in love with finding the next story, documenting the next sunset and looking for the extraordinary.

Coming across all those things is not hard here in Las Vegas, where at every moment, and around every corner there is more talent that you could ask for.

I live in a city that comes alive with undiscovered talent and most importantly passion from all types of artist. This has pushed me to make my love for writing come to life by finding the most passionate Las Vegas based musicians, poets, painters, photographers and overall creators and introduce them and their work to you.

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