Why m?


m = Minutia: the small, precise, or trivial details of something.


Corporate Services:

Digital Investor Relations | Business Development  | Client Care

 Digital Communications | Press Release & Copy Editing | PR Dissemination

Press Junket Support

Media Coaching: Interview Preparation & Support | Conference Networking

Corporate Success Coaching  | Corporate Wellness Coaching 

Entertainment Services:

Business Development | Artist Management | Strategic Relationship Management | Media Relations

 Digital Communications | Event Managment & Support | Promotion & Digital Strategy

 Media  Support | Brand Managment & Ambassadorial Support

Festival + Concert + Artist Promotions Photography

Copy Writing | Promotional Writing | Guest Blog Writing

Artist Wellness Coaching

What ever the Minutia is, we’ve got you covered! We at m! Media are all about bringing ideas to LIFE! – Miss Beaudoin

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m!Media founder Deanna Beaudoin

m!Media founder & curator of LBH: Deanna Beaudoin

e. minutia.media@gmail.com

c. 1.250.650.4327

t. @M_Media_

l. Deanna Beaudoin