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Do you dream of doing business in a progressive holistic, meet your needs exactly where you are environment? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the options you are faced day to day to tell your business or brand story? Social media, service training, success coaching. We believe in listening first, treating each client in a way that moves beyond boardrooms or traditional business development practices and instead we work with our clients to ensure a suite of services that will help balance growth, and sustainability. We know that the marketing and development space is an ever changing beast, and we know small business owners have a hundred things to look after. We believe in balance. We have traveled around the world studying best practices and the culmination of that ongoing research has lead us to offer LBH Collective an m! Media operative.


We like building things, and believe that doing so in a holistic way is the missing ingredient in development today.  It excites us to work with individuals, small businesses or events with growth problems to solve.  We use a holistic tailored approach in order to create for you a unique cocktail, a formula for your individual needs geared toward an agreed metric for measurable success. We work with you one on one and are available every step of the way. We know it’s overwhelming building a business, or launching an event, or publishing a book, booking a tour, or even getting in front of your employees – we are here to here to help.

We are experts in people, using that as the backbone of our business we will create an individual plan to suit what you need. m! stands for minutie – We know the true key to success is in the slight edge difference, in the details. Join our Collective and experience a business suite that believes you are only one decision away from a totally different life. The decision is us.

IMG_0859Deanna Beaudoin, Founder and Lead Developer


m!Powered: Business Development, Brand Development, Digital Media & Strategy,  Sponsorship Activation, Marketing, Success Coaching, Content Creation, Artist Management & Public Relations.

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m!Experience: Event Management, Fundraising, Project Management, Customer Service Training, Sales Training, Reviews, Hospitality Audits, Secret Service Audits, Business/Product launches, Consulting and Advocacy.

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