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Music Monday

NEWS: The Five Acre Shaker is back!

  “A sonic adventure just waiting in the wings. 3 full days of camping, beautiful people, and music running free and wild in the middle of the woods… How can you miss this…” – Steve [...]

Music Monday: Illvis Freshly

West Coast Hip Hop, Ghetto Grove, Big Flavored Bass? Rhymes and Poetry! Guitar Assaults! Beastie Boys, meets Cypress Hill with heavy power chords and a sweet Nineties nod; let me introduce Illvis [...]

Music Monday: Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz

Meeting Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz:  I was in a moment & completely absorbed in it, it was last birthday, and I had a small army prepare a day for me. Likely I will NEVER forget it. Imagine [...]

Music Monday: Sloan Walkers

There is nothing more gratifying in the music industry then listening to music that comes directly from creative, talented, passionate and most importantly humble people. From the roots of their [...]

Music Monday: Lowell

Lowell is one of those rare artists that is unconventional, yet undeniably catchy. If you’ve ever had a chance to see her perform live, you’ll know she is an artist who commands your attention. [...]