My name is Deanna Beaudoin, I am the founder of M Media, a boutique media & development company out of Vancouver BC, Canada. I am confidently 38, a business developer by day, new yoga teacher in training by night. Tattoo’d, with unruly curly hair & am a lover of all things nature, music, personal empowerment and wine. Haha, and a good day encompasses all of the above! I am living a life of my choosing seeking out new experiences that feed my soul.

Admittedly, that looks different day to day .


I spend my time seeking extreme situations, traveling as much as I possibly can and loving with an authenticity that is curious to the natural world. I have a theory; I think that in me is something great, which was given to me as a gift. I think you have it in you too. I also think if we listen to the universe, my God, your creator, what ever that looks/sounds like to you – there is a chance that we might be able to do some mighty things to influence the world for good. I believe in good you see and because of that unwavering belief I have created a space right here on the ol’ inter web where we might talk about things that are inspiring, provoking, empowering.. things that make us feel alive.

What will I be writing about? Short answer: LIFE.


I want to record the various thoughts of the wanderers I encounter, I can’t even imagine a world without music.. MUSIC.. there is no greater energy than being in the middle of a room/field/cabaret/concert hall/elevator full of people FEELING so obviously!! I will post about Music & Movement in as many ways and as much as I can and lastly I want to write about humanity drawn about in all it’s messy glory.

xo db