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What’s your Dream?

It’s hard changing our lives.

We inevitably will come up against moments of pain, disappointment, discouragement & hardship when going through the process of change, it’s part of the very process of changing.

Most people live lives of quiet desperation.

~Henry David Thoreau

Fear. Fear. Fear. We invest all our time in worrying what other people think, I used to and to some degree still struggle with that. So much time, it passes us by. Common. Tragic.

That’s NOT good enough.

Let’s do a little exercise. Right now, look around and consider who the five closest people; be it your friends, co-workers, family members.. whom ever you spend the greatest amount of time with in your life.

Who are they? Do they inspire you? Do they lift you up? Do they push you to be your best self?

Jim Rohn says, “You are the sum of your five closest friends so take a look around”.

If you want success, spend time with successful people, if you want to create, spend time around creative people, if you want to be at peace.. spend time around people that live peace.


What’s  your dream? Say it. Say it out load right now.

You CAN live your dream, choose to believe in YOU. Choose to invest in you. Choose to never, never, never give up. Now go out there and start.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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