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Oh Captain, My Captain

Today is the day, the day that has pulled me to Africa.

For six months I had been preparing to hike in South America, that was my travel direction; that was to say until late one evening about six short weeks ago.

Sitting in the living room of some good friends speaking on fairly unknown still, yet truly remarkable wine regions of the world ~ this experience was brought up. I listened but felt quite detached honestly.

Adventure, hiking, mt biking.. All of my favorite things – but I was still heading to Peru.

Another shared bottle of wine, followed by what I now perceive to have been the defining moment.

As part of this adventurous experience, a private visit to Robbin Island.

Time stood still for a moment, the air stilled, sound evaporated and the inner voice that calls me, simple exhaled… Go.

President Mandela, simply put, inspires me to be a better me.


In the weeks following this, the stars aligned as they do sometimes, and today is the day.

Xo ~ Miss D

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