INTERVIEW: Vancouver’s Mind Offline + New Music

Mind Offline is an alt-rock band based out of Vancouver, BC. Having celebrated their one year "band-iversary" last September, they cannot wait to grow together, evolve, and experiment in the years to come. Their music effortlessly entwines delicate vocals with catchy melodies, lyrics, and unique instrumental riffs.

Chain Lakes Loop: Mt. Baker 

In your honour as a naturalist, writer and social disrupter, we wish to dedicate this post to your memory… Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau. WORDS TO LIVE BY: I went to […]

The Art of Flow

That moment in which nature moves forward, and your ego lets go. This is where I am at, right now. Why is that simple statement so difficult to embrace? I’ve […]

Lone Cone: Meares Island

Take me back. Each weekend I make it part of my ritual to get outside. I am a supporter of the “adventure walk” in order to revive ones creativity & […]

Redefining Personal Greatness, LBH.

In the past 3 years LBH ( has gone from inception which took place at the music and art celebration, Life is Beautiful Festival in it’s inaugural year.. born of […]

Music Monday: G-Eazy

Caution: Some song lyrics may be considered NSFW, use protection. It’s been awhile since I have stumbled upon a dichotomous performer that has inspired me so intensely. As seekers of […]


  The dawn is breaking A light shining through You’re barely waking And I’m tangled up in you Yeah When Henry David Thoreau declared “We need the tonic of wildness”, […]

Shaedan Hawse, New Single Montreal + INTERVIEW

"When writing a song I think it’s important to have both, so when you’ve found one you know you’re halfway to starting a decent song. That process itself can take anywhere from ten minutes to the end of your own life but the important part is not rushing it."