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8 Truths About Life That Are Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful At The Same Time

From Jamie Varon, a most talented writer & surely a beautiful mind: An essential part of humanity is bestowing the love and kindness you wish to have onto yourself. Paradoxically, this is almost impossible to do. You will search your entire life for the proof of your worthiness and will continue to come up short. There is no proof. It’s heartbreaking. That proof just does not exist. The beautiful part? You create that proof for yourself.

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Margot GabelMargot Gabel

1. No matter how tight you hold on and how much you feel in control, everything could still fall apart. You could plan everything until there’s nothing left to plan and it could still all go to shit. Life is not about creating the perfect circumstances, but is merely about how you are able to persevere beyond the wreckage of a life you thought you’d have. Your most valuable skills are your flexibility, resiliency, because as you face the rubble of a life you thought you’d be able to curate, you’ll have to create a new vision and that could either be a beautiful or horrific experience depending on how you approach it.

2. You are entirely responsible for how your life turns out and how you react to what happens in your life. The most useless of all emotion is indifference. You must fight for the life…

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