Raymond Matthews

There is a profoundly moving scene in the Matt Damon movie, ‘We Bought a Zoo’, where Matt is sitting down with his fictional son espousing the virtues of ’20 Seconds of Insane Courage’….

….so much of the magic, learning, growth and success in life (and entrepreneurship) resides in that incredible, and often daunting place.

At work, Ray lives by these tenets – at RM&A, they fuel, fund and support a finite number of entrepreneurs who are disruptive & unconventional, and possess insatiable desire and courage to leave their sector and space better than they found it.

At play, it’s no different. For Ray, this is a life truth. You will find Ray exploring topic that encompass all of these themes. Ray is a guest writer, wine guy, and impassioned travel journalist. (in his spare time no less!)

Scaling mountains just to crack an I&G and enjoy the view… on his bike tearing through a trail, a vineyard, a tourist filled villa, on ski’s SKATING up the mountain.. switching over to alpine and tearing down. Ray lives life brilliantly & wants to share that with us here at LBH.

Ray Matthews, a former educator, Rotary Foundation Scholar, author and entrepreneur, is a marketing, business development and financing specialist & when he isn’t doing any of the above – sometimes he finds time to write for us.

To connect with Ray, please go to his site www.raymatthews.ca

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