“If you were to bring together a team of great minds to develop interesting engaging educational content, great minds such as Newton, Tesla, Curie or Kant then perhaps allow Nickelodeon to run Entertainment Tonight and host them ALL inside a safe, secure fully moderated Social Network you would then have a pretty good idea what exactly IS”


Student Reporter on location w/ Gary at We Day, Vancouver 2014

Not a new site by any stretch, KW has been around since 2001 but to this day, having core values of safe technology practices, strict anti bullying initiatives, and a place of youth empowerment have led Kidzworld to rise above the rest in terms of being number one on the internet for up to the minute entertainment news, games, advice,  lifestyle best practices, educational initiatives and homework help. With a strong and thriving Youth/Kids focused community, what’s not to love!?

gary_OnAir is cloud – based with more than 2.5 million monthly visitors, over 18.5 million pages of Content (enough to make our magic minds, Newton, Tesla, Curie & Kant VERY proud) and over 2 Million unique monthly visitors from over 200 countries world wide. With the KW web based app and the iStore / Google Play version on it’s way, you can stay connected and informed every step of the way!



Two words, CORE VALUES.

If engaging entertainment content is the icing on the cake, well the cake its self is what makes us stand out. CEO, Allen Achilles decided he wanted something more, something better as an online experience for his kids, something that contained a level of empowerment, security and positive attributes as an alternative to some of the common social networks out there.

Secure Technology

Allen’s passion for the safety and security of all kids has been a core value throughout. Using sophisticated computer technology and an experienced moderation team; Kidzworld goes that extra step to protect its users from unwelcome solicitations, inappropriate language and bullying. uses advanced moderation and behavioral analysis technology to provide seamless moderation of all user interaction, which delivers maximum engagement and provides a powerful insight into visitor activity. Although completely confidential, the information generated allows us to target potential inappropriate interaction at its earliest stage and protect users of all ages from unwanted conversations, swearing, bullying and unacceptable language.

Safe Self Expression is not only a social network but also a platform for self expression; encouraging kids and teens to express themselves through the creation of original content, blogs, stories and poetry. They can interact with each other 24/7 in the fully moderated chat rooms and on the forums. In the KW Zone, their user profile is a safe and secure way for them to let other kids know who they are and what they are interested in. Despite the advanced freedom of expression, there is no ability to share or disclose personally identifiable information. truly is a safe kids social network. That’s what matter to us.


Count on

KW provides kids and teens with:

- Content driven social networking community
- The latest news and exclusive celebrity interviews in the entertainment and music industries from our Hollywood-based writers
- Broad coverage of sports, new exclusive game coverage, education, and personal lifestyle issues
- Social interaction through forums, articles comments, blogs and chat rooms
- Engaging games though partnerships with two of the worlds largest game companies
- 24/7 Chat, real time private messaging, and user to user commenting
- Quizzes, polls, crosswords, contests and e-cards
- Research and educational material, need some homework help, a science project idea or some extra reading - we follow the US based curriculum and provide current and relevant content thoughout the year.
- Personal profiles with extensive design and customization features

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