the m! experience

LBH Collective is excited to share with you an opportunity like none other. Elite, magic driven, adventurous life experiences. We believe that, the magic is in the details and that’s what we do. We take care of EVERY detail. Inspired experiences served up to the traveler that is looking for something unique, something off the beaten path, something that will stay with you long after you return. All YOU need to worry about is packing your bag and arriving at the airport on the right day!


We at m!Media & LBH Collective love to create unique travel experiences for you.

We can work within any budget, and have contacts within 4 different continents, we provide everything from initial planning & visioning, to travel arrangements, personal guides handling each leg allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and with no worries enabling your to enjoy each moment of your experience. We are discreet allowing you to enjoy with out the barrage of a tiresome system. We believe in flow. We want for you an experience of carefree timelessness.

We provide detailed packing lists, options in the areas of food, adventure, rejuvenate, personal life coaching or meditation, and every other bit of minutia necessary to make your experiences one you will value and enjoy for the rest of your life.


We have a few ready prepared experiences that you can choose for that last minute soul cleansing get away.

Vancouver Island, Wild.

Vancouver Island, Historic.

Vancouver Island, Off the Beaten Path.

Vancouver Island, Culinary.

Vancouver Island, Ale Trail.

Vancouver Island on Two Wheels.

Kayaking through the Broken Group Islands, BC. (Seasonal)

White Water Rafting at the Grand Canyon*

Music Festival Package – Next Up is LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, Las Vegas.

Hot Springs Tour – through Interior BC.

West Coast Yoga Retreat.

West Coast Hiking Retreat.

West Coast Surfing Retreat.

West Coast Kayaking Retreat.

West Coast Hot Springs Retreat.

West Coast Meditation Retreat.

Africa – Ugunduzi – This one requires 6 months advance notice.

Off the beaten path, in Mexico

Off the beaten path, in Peru

Off the beaten path, in British Columbia

Mt. Baker 

WINE Tours, Woodinville, Californian, Naramata. (not your usual wine tour – ask me for details)


Woodinville with the chef’s add-on 


For you elite adventurers – Click HERE for a unique travel experience, created for & thoroughly enjoyed by one of our previous clients.


Founder Deanna Beaudoin

To connect with LBH Collective come see us on IG @lovebeinghere or FB

Make sure you use our #lovebeinghere when on your trip for a chance to be featured on our site!




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