12×12 Life Coaching

 Twelve by Twelve is an investment in self, A choice to do SOMETHING different, to thrive! 
Twelve by Twelve backed by over 10 years of personal empowerment & coaching, grew out of a reflection upon the evolution of our lives thus far .. and the challenge to stop merely getting though life but to THRIVE in it.

How often do we take for granted the beautiful gift that is life? I’m too busy, too rushed, too tired, over worked, underpaid, stressed, exhausted.

Twelve by Twelve is a challenge to grow as a person, as a parent, as a couple, to invest in yourself and break free of the box that is your comfortable stuck place.

We are evolving each and everyday, but the challenge of 12×12 is to be INTENTIONAL about it.

We will help you take inventory of your life then after refection we will help create your own personal challenges and growth strategies. 12 personal goals and objectives over a time commitment of 12 months, roughly setting one goal per month all the while receiving valuable support and coaching along the way.


This 12×12 life plan will infiltrate every area of your life. These small adjustments are unique to you; the ‘boxed in’ areas you would most like to overcome whether they are physical, intellectual, spiritual, or mental challenges – we’ve got you covered!

We have a Facebook Page which you can find here to help inspire the journey. Post pictures, Videos, Testimonies. This page is for you. You are not in this alone.


Are you ready to invest in yourself, your family, Your Future? Contact us today! 


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