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Trust the Process


I have this theory..

(okay, if you stick around awhile you will notice I have a LOT of theories.. I am perpetually thinking. I probably should have been a man born in the age of the great philosophers.. a student of Aristotle perhaps?!)

I have this theory & I do realize that what I am about to write is beyond cliche as this is probably one of the most referenced books of our time, however I am going here because genuinely this has impacted my course – The Alchemist’s Paulo Coelho said;


I saw an article online here, that sparked my interested and influenced the course of my week.


As an creative, I tend to NOT share my work very easily. As a creative, introverted, perfectionist, virgo, it’s not very easy at all.

Yes it’s not easy, but is that going to stop me, probably not. BUT sometimes I need a little push, a little inspiration, a little reminder to influence my confidence.

From this article by Austin Kleon 

2. Think process, not product.


“A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work. They never see the side of the work you go through to produce the outcome.”
—Michael Jackson

Traditionally, we’ve been trained to regard the creative process as something that should be kept to ourselves. We’re supposed to toil in secrecy, keeping our ideas and our work under lock and key, waiting until we have a magnificent product to show before we try to connect with others.

But human beings are interested in other human beings and what other human beings do. By sharing our process, we allow for the possibility of people having an ongoing connection with us and our work, which helps us move more of our product.

Think process, not product. I like that. I needed to hear that this week. Like Coelho’s thought, I do desire to share my work & my thoughts however my preconceived personality tends to keep me a little bit quiet during my process.  This week the universe conspired through chance to put this article in front of me which was the little push I needed.

This week, I shared two some what personal details about my work, about my process.

How Robert Louis Stevenson influenced the creation of M Media. 

& well this blog has just been made public.

Deep breath, trust the process.

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