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Music Monday: Bear Hands

Yes I know it’s Tuesday, however this was just announced via LIB and I am excited.


Meet: Bear Hands. These east coast boys from NY have been making the rounds as an opener for Passion Pit and now with the success of Giants' (below) I am excited to see them live in October at LIB.

I was in love with this song a while ago – the lyrics kill me. So it’s very pleasing that Life Is Beautiful – which incidentally is less then 100 days away, has added this band to the lineup.

If you are music people you’ll get it – favourite songs preformed live – it’s an experience that is pretty intense. I know it well and have yet to feel as though I have ‘had enough’. I hope I never do.


We are busy enough living life – that the magic moments are fewer and far between all the time – that’s ludicrous. I for one plan to make that shit intentional. I believe in Moments!!


Moment makers are rare, seek them out and when you find them – don’t let them go.

More Awesome Bear Hands: iTunes



See you in Vegas, Bear Hands.

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