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Music Monday: Neon Trees

This is going to be my most stealth post – Currently I am sitting “taking notes” for a corporate client during a day of Business Development meetings, multi tasking at it’s finest. I’m a virgo, I can do three things well, simultaneously.

Countdown to LIB: 9 1/2 Weeks! 


There are 67 days remaining before the Life Is Beautiful Festival & one of the bands I am truly excited to see is a wee band from Provo, Utah called the Neon Tree’s. Let’s dig in!


Why do we listen to music? Especially today, Monday morning blah, blah, blah…?

Why do we like music? Our culture immerses us in it for hours each day, and everyone knows how it touches our emotions, but few think of how music touches other kinds of thought. It is astonishing how little curiosity we have about so pervasive an “environmental” influence.

Years ago, when science still feared meaning, the new field of research called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Ha. started to supply new ideas about “representation of knowledge” that I’ll use here. Are such ideas too alien for anything so subjective and irrational, aesthetic, and emotional as music? Not at all. I think the problems are the same and those distinctions wrongly drawn: only the surface of reason is rational. I don’t mean that understanding emotion is easy, only that understanding reason is probably harder.

Certainly we know a bit about the obvious processes of reason–the ways we organize and represent ideas we get. But whence come those ideas that so conveniently fill these envelopes of order? A poverty of language shows how little this concerns us: we “get” ideas; they “come” to us; we are ‘re-minded of” them. I think this shows that ideas come from processes obscured from us and with which our surface thoughts are almost uninvolved. Instead, we are entranced with our emotions, which are so easily observed in others and ourselves. Perhaps the myth persists because emotions, by their nature, draw attention, while the processes of reason (much more intricate and delicate) must be private and work best alone.

The old distinctions among emotion, reason, and aesthetics are like the earth, air, and fire of an ancient alchemy. We will need much better concepts than these for a working psychic chemistry.

Why do we like music? We all are reluctant, with regard to music and art, to examine our sources of pleasure or strength. In part we fear success itself – we fear that understanding might spoil enjoyment. Rightly so: art often loses power when its psychological roots are exposed. No matter; when this happens we will go on, as always, to seek more robust illusions!

Music Monday is born from this concept, It’s an unexplained process that challenges reason. We need the lift, Monday has such a bad rap for begrudgingly bringing us down. We all know I don’t generally go along with humanities status quo – so here we are – me – authoring this post from a board room in middle america’s next door neighbour to the north with a thrill of excitement coursing through my vein – music my ultimate source of strength. Welcome to my world.

Music Monday: Neon Trees

Last year someone sent me this song:

It will make you smile, it’s cheeky, it’s edgy and it’s Alt Pop in it’s purest form.

We are both young, hot-blooded people
We don’t wanna die alone
Two become one, it could be lethal
Sleeping with a friend

This song hooked me but to be honest they have a few that I love. As much as Sleeping with a Friend is a great #MusicMonday song as it does lift appropriately, I love a good haunting melody, I’m a creative – Let’s be honest I am moody.

Check this out:

No you’re never really dead to me
Maybe that’s the mystery of us
I use to think when you were gone
I would still hear voices in the halls

Haunting melody, poetic lyrics, unforgettable.

In terms of the line up for LIB – this is one band I am very excited to hear.

Hope you enjoy this edition of #MusicMonday, As the CEO is watching me I shall go back to actually taking notes & building out the next phase of our Media Campaign Haha. Happy Monday Peeps!

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