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Music Monday: Aron Chupa, I’m an Albatraoz.

Dear AronChupa,  

Please come visit us in Vancouver, Canada. Your song is rad and we need to hear it live.
Sincerely, LBH


There are no words to describe how I feel about this song & yes I know it’s Tuesday. This is a necessary song in my personal #lifesoundtrack. Okay maybe there are a few words. Sometimes words are simply not going to be substantial in connected how I feel, what’s in my head and where I need to go. Music can do that. Music does that. It’s a bit of tonic in this great big messy world.

Turn it up.

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I found this interview by online, by Jason Ileler.

Say Hi to Jason if you want.

AronChupa opens up about his viral hit, ‘I’m An Albatraoz’

Aron Chupa, Photo Cred:

Aron Chupa, Photo Cred:

How do you release a viral song? A question that haunts many a producers, songwriters, singers, record execs, etc… While there is no definitive answer; DJ/producer/songwriter AronChupa has a lot to say on the subject. His single “I’m An Albatraoz” has more than 20 million streams on Spotify, and the video has over 30 million hits on YouTube.

It’s hard to believe a song that’s garnered this much international attention was created by a brother and sister, but start believing. “I’m An Albatraoz” is original, unique, and kind of weird. But it works, the song is out of the box and we challenge you to not get it stuck in your head. talked with AronChupa (via Email) about his history in music, what it means to have a viral hit, and what’s next for the Swedish artist.

Examiner (E): Congrats on all of the success of “I’m in Albotraoz” – explain process of recording/producing the track…

  • AronChupa (AC): Producing the track was fun and very exciting. I’ve always been into old music (such as Jazz, Blues and Swing) and I wanted to mix that with modern EDM. That’s pretty much how “I’m an Albatraoz” came about. I don’t know what to say about the lyrics, I just needed something that rhymes with “Mouse” and Albatraoz was the best thing I came up with haha.

E: Who are some of the artists in your industry that you look up to?

  • AC: There are thousands of them. I’m very into the electro swing scene, Parov Stelar is great. When it comes to pure EDM, Deorro is my god. However, I get inspiration from pretty much everything. Everything from AC/DC and Beethoven to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

E: How did you get into music?

  • AC: I got my first guitar when I was about six years old. My Dad showed me…a “D” chord, so I played “D” for about a year. I guess my dad got pretty tired of listening to me playing one single chord, so he showed me some more. Then it all started!!

E: What’s been the most exciting story that you can share since “I’m in Albotraoz” took off?

  • AC: Hmm, great question…the first time I heard it on the radio I was pretty excited.

E: Since the song has gone viral, do you feel pressure to put out another track right away?

  • AC: No, I will wait until I feel like I have a track that’s good enough to release…I don’t want to stress about my releases. I’d rather make sure I release something that’s awesome than something that’s “On time”.

E: The single has garnered so much success; do you think that you’ll be able to top it?

  • AC: I already have, it’s on my computer;)

E: Do you have any plans to tour?

  • AC: Yes, I started my European tour… We don’t have every date and show done exactly but I’ll pretty much be touring worldwide:)

E: What current singer/artist would you like to sing over one of your tracks?

  • AC: Seasick Steve and No Doubt.
Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Happy Monday Tuesday readers!

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