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MUSIC MONDAY: One of The Most Hauntingly Beautiful Music Videos You Will See – The Herbert Bail Orchestra’s ‘The Nature of Things’

Music Monday: The Herbert Bail Orchestra’s ‘The Nature of Things’.

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…but first, be still and watch this video. Xo Miss D

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 I don’t know about you, but I rarely find that a music video inflicts much of an emotional response. I’m typically left bopping my head around or bored from a story line that is as dry as day old toast. ‘The Nature of Things’ transcends the simple classification of a music video. Feeling almost devastated by the end, I sat in silence sipping luke-warm tea at my desk, alone, in awe of what I just watched. ‘The Nature of Things’ is a tragic masterpiece; beautiful and gut wrenching -Betty.

 “The Nature of Things” is the first in a trilogy of music videos from the Herbert Bail Orchestra, which in part and whole, conjure the malady of our American psyche. Award-winning director Björn Rühmann, co-creator Kerstin Rühmann and songwriter/composer Anthony Frattolillo and The Herbert Bail Orchestra, offer three enigmatic mood pieces in a style of storytelling that challenges the traditional form.

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