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Swirling, Maddening, Restlessness; How to reclaim your intuitive ‘YES’.


I was cleaning off my desktop this morning, closing out the 17 sticky notes I had open in the corner, one by one dismissing things that had previously been accomplished until I came to a particular note, posted on a blue, which made me pause.

It was prose written by writer, Lauren Martin.

A friend had sent it to me during one of my many recent existential reflective moments. According to my on-going research, it’s not uncommon to begin asking the ‘big questions’ during the decade of our thirties. Nor is it particularly uncommon to reassess and course correct the tenants of our lives should we not be 100% satisfied.

I saved the prose on my desktop in order to be inspired as needed… The paragraph is an excerpt from an article Lauren wrote, which we republished the first time I read it a few months ago.

Why am I sharing it today? Course Correction.

It’s recently come to my attention that I haven’t been quite as hungry lately, I have been shying away from the mass of swirling gratification in favour of complacency and quiet. This quiet, It’s not making me happier. In fact, It’s making me confused. Like something has been missing in my life. I’m not slighting quiet, but complacently – it’s dangerous.

In my quest to restore balance and harmony within my daily life – moving away from tech, being more intentional, present and meditative throughout the days – I’ve shied away from the messiness and swirling tangle of passion led intentional decision making. That’s what it is, I think. It’s what is missing, my daily Passion.

I’m not talking passion in the physical, sexual sense of the word but the passion that churns and drives forward my intuitive “yes”.

Never for one minute think that it’s okay to stay still in our relationships, careers, parenting rolls – for inner stillness isn’t about quietly staying still. Life is evolutionary. Find the balance, decide to chase love. The chase its self leads us on forward through our years. The chase is where we find the shiny bits of awe and inspiration. Let’s be mindful that a love state is whole and represents our goodness in the world, the way we give back and interact. Chase love, yes, because the alternative is a closed off and quiet version of ourselves. Let’s CHOOSE to find our stillness within the fury of evolution.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

“To chase love is to chase happiness’s. It’s to decide that you will throw yourself into the swirling, maddening and restless chase we’re all trying to enter. Because love is the ultimate destination, is it not? It’s the reason we move, every day.

It’s the reason we get up and fight through the bad. It’s the reason we keep going, trudging on, meeting person after person. It’s the last goal, the final frontier and the only thing worth moving for.

Chasing love is not irresponsible, it’s honest. It’s admitting that there is no greater chase, nothing more important. Because if you’re not chasing love, what are you running after?”

Lauren Martin Originally posted: Elite Daily, Staying is Settling.

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