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30 Day Cleanse: Mmmm Coffeeee

Day 13

Almost two weeks into the cleanse and I’m feeling great! Initially there were some uncomfortable days. When you stop drinking coffee cold-turkey you tend to get a bad headache for a couple days. And no – can’t reach for the Advil as you’re trying to rid your body of all toxins!


Having not done a 30-day cleanse in over a year now, I’d forgotten how long it takes your body to break habits. I only stopped drinking coffee to break the habit, as I’m actually quite a fan of one morning cup of Espresso blended with almond milk.


Instead I’ve been drinking a lot of fresh loose-leaf teas from T’s / Once Upon A Tealeaf in Maple Ridge. I’m especially in love with the Chocolate-Mint herbal tea I found there. It’s delicious for those cold, winter days when you’re craving a hot chocolate.


All in all, I think I’ve broken the coffee rule maybe 2-3 times over the last couple weeks, only because I completely blanked in the drive-through and forgot to ask for decaf or there was one really late night where I actually needed the pick-me-up.


And for perspective on the fancy holiday coffees, a grande Gingerbread Latte counts in at 330 calories and a Mocha at 410… not having 8 of those this season will save an extra pound of gained body fat this season.


words by | Taylor Jukes

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