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Miss Teen BC’s Sienna Leone & her fight against Bullying

Welcome Sienna, Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.

Congratulations on winning the Miss Teen BC, we are very excited for you in the upcoming Miss Teen Canada pageant. Love Being Here is all about passionate, connected, conscience living. We are excited to learn more about your campaign and how you plan to use the influence gained through this experience for good.

A brief bio: Sienna was born in Vancouver, Canada, and is a 17-year-old senior student at Brentwood College School located on Vancouver Island. Her favourite subjects in school are English and Art History. Sienna has been described by many to be a leader, and a compassionate and caring individual. Sienna has been very passionate about school leadership and has always been involved in her community ever since elementary school. Sienna is described by her friends to, “Never be seen without a smile on her face.”  Sienna is the 2014-2015 Grad President at her Brentwood College School. She is very involved in community service in her school as well as outside of her school community.

Sienna loves to go skiing in Whistler with family and friends, play tennis in the summertime and travel to other countries and try new foods. One of Sienna’s favourite activities is to be her brother’s biggest supporter cheering with her mom and dad while he plays hockey. Sienna’s favourite colour is pink and loves anything that is sparkly. Sienna plans to go to University this year, hopes to continue her acting career in the upcoming years, get actively involved with organizations that prevent bullying and continue her work in leadership and community service.


About the Campaign

LBH: “Doing only Good” How did you come up with that slogan? 

Sienna: I came up with the slogan “Doing only Good” because I’ve learned that going out and living life with negative thoughts and actions doesn’t get you anywhere. Therefore I’ve learned and started to adapt the mindset of “okay today I’m going to leave the house and have positive attitude and have the mindset of “doing only good.” Every day is a new day right? 

LBH: Tell us a bit about that?

Sienna: Oh it means so much to me. Once you have a positive mindset, positive things happen, and if you have a negative mindset you have negative things occur! I truly believe in that because in every challenge I have in life it’s just so easy to give up and be negative, but in the end it won’t get you anywhere. Keeping positive in the world and in your actions will get you way farther.

LBH: Do with your campaign, how do you hope to actively prevent bullying? 

Sienna: Honestly, by spreading the word about how much pain it can put someone through. Reality check.  I will share my personal story, and how what I went through affected me. I feel I was lucky that I overcame the bullying. Sadly, bullying is such a common thing now a days, and I hope to get the word out that you should never be ashamed if you got bullied. I was ashamed for so long. I hope that all kids start standing up, and sharing their personal stories as well.

LBH: If you were comfortable, would you mind sharing your story? We hope by sharing your triumph that maybe another person out there might identify with what you have gone through. 

Sienna: My story started in grade 6. It started with a group of my best girlfriends. I had a best friend, and I thought we were truly sisters. My other group of girlfriends didn’t like my best friend, so they started to bully her, and I wasn’t going to put up with that. After the numerous times, they made her cry and talk badly about her to everyone we went to school with, I had enough. I was the only one that stood up to these girls, and they didn’t like that. They then left my best friend alone, and started to bully me severely, in person and over the computer. My “best friend” wasn’t who I thought she was, because after they stopped bullying her and started bulling me, she never stood up for me. In fact, she joined in. They made me go home and cry in my mom’s arms a normal thing.

I stopped going to school for a while, everyone who bullied me physically and emotionally made me scared to leave my bed. Although I knew I couldn’t just let them win, because that is what they wanted me to do. So I told my parents what I was going through and they helped me through it all. I couldn’t have been so strong without my mom and dad through the whole thing. We informed the school as to what has been going on, and they really helped me as well. But in the end, I had decided that my school environment wasn’t a healthy place for me, so I switched schools.

My advice for someone who finds themselves in a bully situation is know that even though you feel like you are alone, you truly are not. Do not go through a bullying experience alone. Tell a friend, or an adult, as much as it seems it doesn’t get better, it does, but you can’t go through it alone, and you simply can’t let the bully win. Help me spread that message to the younger people walking this road right now.

LBH: Do you have any best practices or other helpful advice?

Sienna: Like I said, do not go through an experience with cyber bullying or with someone bullying you alone. Also NEVER think that the reason you are getting bullied is your fault. It never ever is. I could not stress that enough. The ones that have the real issue is the bully themselves. TELL SOMEONE what you are going through and remember to always love yourself, no matter if words or actions of someone else are hurting you, just remember that you are loved by so many people, and those people that love you are willing to help you through this tough time.

LBH: Where do you hope to see the anti-bullying movement in 5 years, what will that look like to you? 

Sienna: I hope in the next 5 years, that there is truly more awareness at how severe bullying is and how much it can emotionally damage someone, for a while and even a lifetime. I don’t think people take it seriously as to how severe bullying is, and how it still to this day affects people’s lives. I hope to start a campaign up and get the word out on bullying, as well as get as many people as I can to join me in trying to put an end to something so cruel.

LBH: As we are all about the human condition a few special LBH questions for you. What moves you? What inspires you each day? 

Sienna: I am really inspired by my family. My mom is honestly the most beautiful person on the inside and out. She is a walking angel, and she has taught me to be a good person always, and treat people how I want to be treated. Then my dad is the most intelligent and hardest worker I know. He works so much to make sure my mom, brother, and I are taken care of, and he has taught me that hard work will always pay off and to never quit and give up. Then my brother, my brother has taught me to always go for what you want in life, and don’t let it slip away. That’s what he does with his hockey career, and that’s what I bring forward in my everyday life. With these three truly inspiring people in my life I can say that they all have shaped me into the person I am today, and the person I strive to be each and everyday.

LBH: Let’s chat music as this place is all about music? What are some of your favorite songs right now? I know that’s a subjective question. (Smiles) 

Sienna: OF COURSE I LIKE LISTENING TO MUSIC! I always have my music on. Ugh I hate this question because I have so many favourite songs…. This is such a tough question wow. My Wish by Rascal Flatts will forever and always be my favourite song, Four Walls by Broods, ForFive Seconds by Rhianna and Kanye West, and anything Sam Hunt!! (obsessed with his music)

LBH: What made you decide to enter into the pageant? Had you been involved with any others before? 

Sienna: I have never been involved in any other pageants or anything like it before!! This was the first time I had ever done anything like it before. I decided to enter the pageant because I would always watch Miss USA and Miss Universe when I was little and I would always say to my mom, “I am going to do that when I’m older.” Then when the opportunity came up this year I really thought about it, and after being bullied and having my confidence shot down so many times, I just was like “you know what, this is a perfect opportunity to get the word out about bullying, and really what do I have to lose?”.

LBH:  Three things you HAVE to have should you be stuck on a deserted island


LBH: What do you do for yourself to balance all of the stress and responsibilities in your life? Between school, the speaking, & what ever your own stressors are? Any tips on how to balance it all?

Sienna: Oh yeah! This year has been super super busy for me. Grade 12, applying to universities, being the Grad Class President, my reign as Miss Teenage British Columbia, and plus all of my extra circular activities. It could be a lot, but honestly I wouldn’t change anything in my life. It keeps me busy, and I would rather be busy! I am so close with my mom, so sometimes when I am really stressed, I will just talk to her, honestly about everything, she always knows what to say. Also I love working out when I am stressed, going for a nice long run, or even some hot yoga, just to get my mind off of everything. If you are stressed, just remember to BREATHE!! I sometimes have to remind myself that! Also, to take one thing at a time, and to always know someone is there for you.

LBH: Wellness from the Inside, can you tell us about that? 

Sienna: As important as wellness on the outside is, wellness on the inside is equally or more important. Have a clean heart and BE POSITIVE!! Feeling amazing is the key of happiness and looking amazing on the outside:) That is why one of my sponsors for the pageant is Trace Blackwater and the other one is RYU (Respect Your Universe), they are all about wellness from the inside out!


Sienna Leone Miss Teenage BC 6

LBH: Let’s chat about what’s coming up for you this summer. 

Sienna: This summer I have many events I am attending! May/June are actually quite busy months for me! I have participated in many volunteer opportunities, and I have some pretty big events coming up that I will be participating in! Then this summer in August I am heading to Toronto to compete in Miss Teenage Canada! I am so so excited for that and looking forward to the experience, and meeting all of the other girls, it should be a great time.

LBH: What are some of the opportunities that will be part of this Miss Teen BC Experience 

Sienna: I have had many opportunities to volunteer at some pretty amazing organizations, participate in parades, meet some amazing kids that I could talk to about my platform of raising awareness for bullying, being able to compete in Miss Teenage Canada, and do interviews like the one I’m doing now 🙂 I am very blessed, and I am looking forward to what my future holds.

Vancouver Friends! To meet Sienna Leone in person head on up to Whistler this weekend for the One Climb event. You still have time to fundraise for our clean water project in Kipsongol, Kenya! Join the Whistler Water One Climb on June 7. There are awesome prizes on the table for fundraisers like a Tandem Paragliding Adventure, Zipline Adventure for 2, Grouse Mountain Local’s pass, and more.

Sienna Leone Miss Teenage British Columbia 2015
Stop A Bully  ( – Sienna will be wearing their wristbands to support and is finalizing details about the opportunity to partner with the organization and become more involved in their initiatives
Schedule of Events:
June 6th – Hats off Day Parade (
June 7th  – Whistler Water One Climb (
July 1st – Canada Day Parade 2015 (
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