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LBH Presents: RAWTALK w/ Sadie Campbell Ep.1

RAWTALK: a new segment here on LBH. Literally raw conversations unscripted, shot in one(ish) messy take somewhere in the city, w/ limited edits. In our first episode we had a chance to catch up with local indie artist, the lovely Sadie Campbell. 

You might recognize her face from the cover photo of an article we wrote here on Vancouver’s Artist at Home Series by Photographer Christopher Edmonstone.

On Sadie’s Sound: “From gospel to gritty rock n’ roll to swampy Southern blues and back again, the songstress’s sound blends traditional standards with a modern edge, letting loose a creative force that can’t be suppressed.” 


MUSIC: I love the up & coming indie artist’s here in Vancouver BC. We are incredibly fortunate to live and work in such a music forward community. The artists I have had the opportunity to work with over the last year truly live & breathe passion & grit. So much so that you just know they’ll get to the proverbial ‘there’ because the music that they are creating IS so damn good.

Sadie & I met briefly at a benefit for Music Heals, then as if fated on a rare rainy summer afternoon again on a patio in Olympic Village. This time striking up a conversation, we connected. Following that afternoon, a few days later, I was grinding out a hike up the Sea to Summit Trail in Squamish BC when I heard a little ping from my phone. Naturally normally when I hike it’s “off the grid” time.

That day, for what ever synchronicitious reason, my phone was on. With sublime timing, and to my great surprise; it was Miss Campbell with a song I had asked her to share. The song was from her EP ‘Live Young’, it’s called War.



I’d like to dedicate this video to the Misfits and Poets. Music Makers and Risk Takers. To all of You that never could give up on your dream or your art.. or your music.. Because You. Didn’t. Choose. it…..It Chose You.

It’s not an easy life following any passion or career that’s off the beaten path- with financial uncertainty, the constant reminder to ‘have a back up plan’ or ‘get a real job’ , the self doubt.. So I encourage you all to keep pushing, keep working together, keep believing in yourselves.. you are dreamers. YOU ARE WARRIORS. and this isn’t a fucking walk in the park. Its a WAR.

– Sadie Campbell 

In this episode of RAWTALK Sadie and I chatted about her passions, her creative process and even her personal life philosophy on living young & with a performance coming up at the annual SHOREFEST here in Vancouver it’s sure to be an amazing summer!

Sadie is opening the show on the Sunset Beach stage, July 25th at 3:00pm. 



MACLEOD’S BOOKS (Vancouver’s infamous bookstore)

Photo Credit- Heather McConnell Design- Topher Edwards

“You gotta LIVE YOUNG- Like a hit and run….  It’s easy in our face-paced society to forget about living in the moment, forget about our dreams and passions. That’s the base of what LIVE YOUNG is about-  taking the time to actually live your life with freedom, passion, and awareness.”

– Sadie Campbell

Links from our #RAWTALK Conversation

Christopher Edmonstone’s Artist At Home project where Sadie is the cover photo, we talked about Sunfest; LBH’s first country festival, Cash Crawford, Sadie’s Sister’s band and then of course Shorefest.


To connect with Sadie Campbell, follow her socials.

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