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Music Monday: Sloan Walkers

There is nothing more gratifying in the music industry then listening to music that comes directly from creative, talented, passionate and most importantly humble people. From the roots of their lyrics to the name of the band, Sloan Walkers fits every aspect of a band that genuinely cares for the quality of their content and the satisfaction of their listeners. I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the bands rehearsal sessions. During this time not only did they open the doors of their home to me, but they opened to me about their beginnings, their inspirations and the long term goal for Sloan Walkers.

Photo Credit: Efrem Fajardo

The beginning of this three man band was not fully expected. Brought together by a mutual friends, Felipe Tejeda and Jose Rodriguez are the root of the beginning. Soon they found completion with the newly found drumming skills of Eric “Kimchi” Aumiller. Listening to the Indie Alternative sound they create, you would believe that they have been playing their instruments for years, but truly their talent comes from a few short years of playing and a supreme love of music. Passionate, you bet.

As the first notes of “Words Unspoken” played, the room was overtaken by the energy that rang out, not only from the speakers but the musicians in front of us. The vocals provided by Felipe, created a vibe throughout the room that reeled me in. I was mesmerized. At the heart of it was drummer Eric “Kimchi”, with a rhythmic beat, he created the spine of the song. Bringing the song full circle was the smooth sound of the electric guitar played by Jose.

Like many bands Sloan Walkers wants to relate their music to their listeners, they pour their hearts and time to make their lyrics intellectual, rooted in something real.

“Straight forward is not the goal, we want our supporters to listen to the lyrics, and understand them, not just hear them”

Connection with the listeners is the bands biggest goal, they want that connection not only through lyrics, but in person as well. When asked who their greatest musical inspirations were the band answered that it ranged from musical groups like Metallica to solo artists like John Mayer but their biggest inspiration is alternative band, Young the Giant. Felipe soon added on why Young the Giant was his personal inspiration:

            “I saw them [Young the Giant] live back in April, and the connection that they had with the audience is the kind of connection I want. We want that personal connection with our listeners”

Sloan Walkers has definitely taken the first step to creating the personal vibe with their fans.

Recently I was able to watch Sloan Walkers play at a local show here in Las Vegas, and as they played their set you could see the crowd slowly transition from reality and become one with the music. It is hard to pinpoint what it is exactly that connects Sloan Walkers to the crowd. Maybe it is the way that they play their melody so differently that you can’t help but dance to the beat. Maybe it’s the way that the band members lose themselves in their own music that you can’t help but get lost too. Maybe it’s the way that every word that rings through the speaker seems to be written just for you. Whatever it may be Sloan Walkers has created a vision for the music they want to create and they have made goals that they want to reach, and slowly but surely they are reaching every goal. And as for where Sloan Walkers maybe in 10 years? Well, you’ll just have to listen, wait and see.



words by | Alexia

Photography by | Efrem Fajardo

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