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Sex & Zombies: ‘Hall Pass’ on Halloween?? words by Ross Hawse

words by | Ross Hawse

When I was little, I remember thinking that Halloween was the greatest holiday of them all. You got dressed up as your favorite character and then you went to complete strangers houses and they gave you candy. Seriously.  As a kid does it get any better than that?


I don’t know about your house growing up, but in ours we never had any fancy store bought costumes. For a couple of reasons, firstly there were six kids so we just couldn’t afford it and secondly there weren’t any Halloween stores selling complete costumes in a bag for 20 bucks.

Don’t get me started on the sweat shops that make the costumes. That’s another story.

Anyways, my mom made the best costumes. Ever.

Growing up in Northern BC there was a good chance it had already snowed or it was about to. Seemed to always snow around Halloween.  We lived a fair ways out of town so there were only about 7 houses to go to before we had to get Mom and Dad to drive us to the next neighborhood. We didn’t have to worry about zig zagging across the street either. It was a long way between acreages.

I learned the whole no zig-zag thing later when I had my own children. You work one side of the street first, then the other side so you don’t have to worry about cars.

I loved taking my kids out.  No way I was staying home to hand out candy every 2 minutes and listening to the dog go crazy. I would make a pot of coffee, fill up my to-go cup with coffee and baileys and then hit the streets.


I am sure there were adult Halloween parties back then but my parents never went to any that I can recall. Today though there are plenty. Grown-ups love the idea and the excuse to wear costumes. At work, back when I had a job… everyone wore costumes on Halloween.

the ‘Hall Pass’

A few weeks ago I went to a Halloween store with a friend of mine who was looking for a costume for her daughter. There were a lot of choices. Anything and everything you can think of and not just for the kids.  The thing that struck me the most was how sexy all the female costumes were. Well some of the male costumes were a little sexy as well, but in my opinion, they were more on the perverted side.

It got me to thinking, and I may be wrong about this and if I am – I’m sure you’ll correct me.

In my opinion: it seems women like getting dressed up for Halloween way more than guys do.  A lot more. It’s like at Halloween, we’re given an opportunity to dress as sexy as we like and no one will say anything. In fact, it is encouraged.

A hall pass; kind of like the ladies (or mens!) trip to Vegas. To be fair, I am sure there are many men who enjoy getting dressed up in costume as well, but let’s face it ladies… You girls rock Halloween and I for one am not complaining.

Sex and Zombie Brains

Have you noticed that almost every costume for women has a sexy option? The traditional ones of course; sexy witch, sexy vampire, sexy devil, sexy mermaid. How about how we have turned what would normally be not so sexy costumes, into their sexy hall pass ready versions?

For example, sexy nurse or sexy doctor? I was visiting a friend in the hospital just last week and I didn’t see any nurses or doctors or candy stripers for that matter dressed like the costumes I happened to discover in the Halloween store.


I’d find more sick friends to visit if there were.

How about a sexy construction worker, a soldier, a football player, or sailor?  Those are the good old standards for sure, now with the new sexy standard.. ‘hall pass’ ready.

This year you have sexy Orange is the New Black, sexy Zombies are quite popular and of course what about sexy Anna from Frozen? Not sure that last one does anything for me but each to their own.

Ladies, I am glad you love Halloween and more importantly getting dressed up in kick ass costumes.  You push us reserved and a little boring gentleman to get into the spirit and we are all better for it.

Frankly, I am in favor of more costume holidays. Sexy Santa, Sexy Easter Bunny, Creepy Sexy Leprechaun, Sexy Thanksgiving pilgrims…  What about sexy May the 4th. (Star Wars, Princess Leigh…). I could be on to something here.

Play safe, what ever you choose & Happy Halloween!

words by | Ross Hawse of Musication

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