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E-mails from Hell:  An excerpt from author, Ross Hawse’s first novel. To be released in early 2016. 

Jack woke up a bit later than he had planned, mostly due to hitting snooze four times. Drinking half a bottle of vodka the night before;
also may have been a contributing factor.

This sure wasn’t like his younger days when it was only a matter of popping a couple of Advil, before making his way through a hang-over day with ease.

No, now it took four Advil, a day of dragging his ass and mental fog that lasted into the next evening.

This morning Jack was so out of sorts that he didn’t even notice that he had 12 new messages over night on his phone. Rushing into work he was relieved to know that mercifully, it was a Friday.

Friday’s were great because they were the one day of the week that Jack kept his schedule open. He could put out any fires that had developed over the week or plan late last minute client calls or if needed have one on one sessions with the staff. Friday was like his spare class in High School and he was so grateful for that today.

After he managed to make a cup of arguably the worst coffee he had ever tasted, finally Jack sat down. He flipped on his laptop and while waiting for it to power up, Jack began checking his phone for messages.

12 new messages.

Interested, Jack opened his email folder to examine the stream wondering what this was all about?

12 new messages from 12 woman whom he had never heard of before.

Unprepared Jack opened the first one and just about shit his pants. It was from a woman named Hilda: 58 years old, 5’9, 220 pounds, long black hair and looking like she smoked while she slept. Her email said that while she realized she was a little older than what he was looking for, she had hoped that he didn’t mind and that she was up for any kind of fun. “Fun” bolded and in quotation marks.

Jack quickly deleted the email before any co-workers came into his office and saw what he had up on his screen. It was definitely NSFW.

The emails went on and on, every one of them with some scantily clad or sexy, posed picture. Each e-mail had invitations ranging from coffee or drinks to whip cream and strawberries.

Blushing, having just finished reading through the final e-mail Jack’s office phone line rang.

He picked it up and in the next moment heard Darryl on the line asking if he had changed his mind about signing up for on-line dating?

Something sounded a little suspicious in Darryl’s voice.

This string of emails started to make more sense even in his hangover driven fog. Jack had a bad feeling that he’d just figured out who was the one behind this string of mysterious invitations.

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