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Foodie Friday: Vancouver Urban Winery

This weeks Foodie Friday Review: The Vancouver Urban Winery.

Vancouver Urban Winery is located two blocks off Gastown in the historic heart of Vancouver’s Railtown. The winery features a tasting bar where consumers can learn about British Columbia wines, and the exploding wine-on-tap category.

Located at 55 Dunlevy Ave. Vancouver, BC

I personally come here for two reasons. Remarkable service & ambiance. I love to chill, eat and taste the many varieties of BC Wine. Each and every time I step though the solid oak doors I feel as though I am transported back in time to a place that people & passion matter. It’s dark, woody and usually candle lit. I have to say, and I usually don’t pick favourites but it’s becoming one of mine.


This picture was taken earlier this week. As you can see in the back ground, the little market area is gone to make room for a new kitchen! It's brighter in here with out loosing the sexy warehouse feel, largely due to the accordion windows installed along the street facing wall.

If you have never experienced the on tap wine selections – the flights are my absolute go to in terms of experiencing the ever changing variety.


Last night, as we arrived at the new “Happy Hour” which is more like “Happy Afternoon” as it runs from 3pm till 6 I went with a Viognier 2012 by Muse. This is a VERY sweet wine, it’s not my favourite white at all but that is simply personal preference. (My Favorite VUW selection is normally a Cab – Please bring it back!!)

In addition to the wine, I wanted to taste the new menu so here it is in order to our tasting.

1. Ruby Red Beet Dip


I am all about passion and pushing the envelope in order to continuously grow. I don’t think cooking should be any different. This was AMAZING. Genius innovation. The cold on the tongue mixed with velvety and streaks of the salt with the goat cheese. Seriously, I loved it.

2. Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates


The best way to describe this is to draw you over to the image of Starsky and Hutch or Thelma & Louise. It doesn’t really make sense visually but damn it, it just works. These guys melt in your mouth. Sticky, hot, wrapped in salty bacon dripping with jux. Seriously. Sweet & salty at it’s finest.

3. Sockeye Salmon Gravlax


Fresh, Fresh, Fresh.  Melt in your mouth, with a savvy flavour nodes.

4. Hummus


What I loved about this, although somewhat simple – its a hummus after all… was the olive oil. So clean.

5. Rock Shrimp Ceviche


This surprised me to see it on the menu. I have to leave a little caveat.. having lived in a central american country – I am PICKY about my latin infused dishes.. While the ceviche it self was light – the side chips were EXCELLENT.

Vancouver Urban Winery, is a place not to be missed. All the many months of inconveniences in reno time have paid off with pizzazz. Well done everyone involved & see you again soon!

If  you would like more information about VUW: Twitter | Facebook | Web


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