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Sarah Rose, Social Concierge

Sarah Rose; Social Concierge, adventure seeking educational assistant by day and wrangler of three kids by night. Sarah lives life to the fullest and has been known as ‘The Blond Gandhi’ among friends and colleagues due to her balanced disposition and her path to peace which is practiced in all areas of her life.

Sarah’s experience goes as far back as high school when her mother allowed Sarah to adventure through the Baja of Mexico on a sailboat at 14years old! After that Sarah’s mother once again let her experience THRIVE and GROWTH this time in beautiful Haida Gwaii for months living life with another friend! Sarah credit’s her Mom’s trust in her and her openness in planting the seeds of which became a life long love of adventure.

Sarah spent her early working years as a flight attendant and in her off seasons quite magically rebelled through Europe, Mexico and the Hawaiian islands. Think dancing under full moons and flipping coins to decide direction. Sarah puts wander, in wanderlust! Following her time as a flygirl, Sarah joined a new team and became part of Rocky Mountain Vacations for five years travelling as a tour guide on the trains. Sharing the beautiful west with guests from all over the world became a passion.

During those off seasons, Sarah explored. She backpacked through Korea, Thailand, Loas, Cambodia, Australia , New Zealand, Costa Rica, Panama , Nicaragua, Peru, Canada and the USA.

I look forward to helping you step outside your comfort zone a little bit, helping you to wake up your soul and feel a little bit more alive! After all we only have this one life to live, so let’s do this ! -Sarah Rose

To this day, being on the water or up in the mountains doing whatever feels right is an important part of Sarah’s daily existence. Sarah will be guiding and organizing for LBH Collective helping you achieve the m! experience. Sarah’s next trip is a 3 day, 4 night Fly in,  Boat out Hiking Trip through Nootka Island British Columba – which is currently SOLD out.

If you would like more information about upcoming trips, w/ Sarah & LBH Collective Sign up for newsletter, find us on FB  , or IG @lovebeinghere

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