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Redefining Personal Greatness, LBH.

In the past 3 years LBH ( has gone from inception which took place at the music and art celebration, Life is Beautiful Festival in it’s inaugural year.. born of a conversation between two wanderlust filled souls, to it’s fleshing period walking along the Silverado trail, stopping to take in the vast mountains in St Helena, California and deciding that now is the time to turn a dream into reality. On the once homestead of heroic Robert Lois Stevenson, a shape began to take form. Next onto the foothills of Kilimanjaro and the vast planes of Serengeti, LBH grew into a pathway of social provocation. Coming full circle we have paused here on Vancouver Island in an intentional period of savoring the journey. In the sometimes quiet and magnificent way true change has indeed taken hold and we are once again moving forward.

This post is being written from my kitchen table, a table which at first glance is an obviously well loved, read (old) piece of wood. Upon closer inspection there is an opportunity to travel back in time with this table, at least for me there is.  Peak at the writing on the underside where my little sister and I used to build forts and graffiti our surroundings in an attempt to make it our own. There are water marks and just the hint of dried white glue from any number of projects that have been authored here,  never to this day having been successfully removed. There have been family dinners at this table for nearly 4 decades. It’s my favorite piece of furniture that occupies space in my home.

I have a house full of kids, some mine, some loved as if they were mine & Blueberry and Banana Pancakes cooking behind me currently my mood is filled with a sense of ease.


I’m going to add the topic of parenting into my practice, here as a topic on LBH but also in to my coaching practice. It’s going to look like real parenting. The less attractive parts that often due our increasing need to publicly please and be thought of  as “completely together”, aka if it triggers the I am not enough wound, we best not speak about it. Don’t worry I go there too sometimes. A lot of times actually, shame hates it when we speak out about our insecurities.

 I tend to negate that I have nearly ten years of experience working with teenagers in several capacities,  as a coach,  a pastor,  a facilitation of empowerment techniques and a crisis councilor..  Not to mention as I said, I am a Mom. I began my Mom journey as a teenager myself. I’ve been a Mother to a teenager for 8 years personally my eldest is 18, my youngest being 16.

Frankly,  I have a lot of information to share in this area.

I strongly believe in community building practices.  I believe we need to fight against the disconnected nature of our new societal norm and re-calibrate our mental compasses to seek connection.

Magnetic compass on a world map

Redefining my company has been a process, in the last 8 months I’ve written notebooks,  a box of them to be specific in order to clarify the vision and what keeps coming up for me is that it’s time I focus on my personal strengths and areas of passion. Clearly defining what it is that I bring to this world will lend to the development of a best practices opportunity that I can share with those seeking on similar paths.

I will be focusing more on personal development, opportunity and environments conducive to creating connection, & wellness coaching.  I love building things and in a sense it’s still business development in terms of the strategy I have developed; it’s always been about opportunities to practice relational coaching  in the areas of business and professional and personal development. However rather than company’s and under developed ideas now I will wholeheartedly work with people, encouraging a path to personal excellence through evolutionary growth patterns.

I’m grateful for the few key friendships I have developed in the last few years through this transitional time.  For a lone wolf like myself, someone that has had to develop great personal resiliency in order to thrive in the environment I have been gifted with, it’s been such an exaltation to have attracted people I can be so raw,  authentic,  honest and vulnerable with. To each of you, thank you for the unlimited support.  I appreciate your positive and encouraging energy in my life.

I am in a very cool place right now,  like a great cosmic do over,  I am unpacking all the life learning I’ve done in the last few years,  I’ve pulled out all the drawers of my perfectly compartmentalize little shop of horrors; that is to say my life, and dumped the contents onto the floor in a very sunny room. I am sifting through the many experiences and I’m looking without attachments to the great tragedies in my life. My character has been build piece by valuable piece. We are a product of our experiences in life but only YOU can define yourself by them. This is the 10 / 90 effect. 10 percent of our existence is based on what happens to us.  The 90 is yours to own,  90 percent of our life is defined by how we choose to react to the 10 percent in any given situation.

For certain I can now redefine what I want in life, put to rest the old tapes that have no more place in any of my rooms,  and perhaps what I want the next five years to look like is a process of discovery. Leaving space in the unknowing field is a treasure to be unpacked. The greatest gift I know is the gift of self,  while giving of time and knowledge I receive the opportunity to become part of stories that are much greater than my own. It’s allows balance and is a beautiful way to propeller my own personal development.

It’s an empowering place to be on the tail end of a growth decade.

Around here as we expand LBH you will see weekly curated original content focusing on person development, I will share with you passionate thought leaders and content to help you on your journey to redefining personal success. I offer one on one personal coaching and directions on how to make the most of your 168 hours each week by employing a Sabbath strategy.

I look forward to your company as we journey together.


Be Still +

Deanna Beaudoin.

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