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Music Monday: G-Eazy

Caution: Some song lyrics may be considered NSFW, use protection.

It’s been awhile since I have stumbled upon a dichotomous performer that has inspired me so intensely. As seekers of passion, we at LBH have been moved by the intensity that this artist brings to his craft.

Life is Beautiful: candidly told by G-Eazy.

This rapper came onto my radar shortly before Life Is Beautiful 2014, the song was by Skizzy Mars but G-Eazy was rapping on the track. Check out the song, Pay For You. I still love it.

The guy that introduced me, a good friend of mine, did so during a vulnerable moment. You know the kind; 4am – end of the night, all barriers are down and it’s real. It’s so real it’s like all air has been vacuumed out of the room, black hole like. He was going through a pretty harsh break up with a long time love and that song, poison. Slow death poison. It was the pain song, on repeat. Profound but bloody brutal.

Like all dark nights, dawn followed… and I was intrigued by the artist. These Things Happen. 

LBH, welcome to the experience that is G-Eazy.


Lady Killers Ft. Hoodie Allen was the next song I found and loved.

Mmmhmm. Yep.

After that was another Skizzy Mars collab.

How rad was it for me, a girl developing mad respect for this guys lyrical chemistry only to find out he,  G-Eazy was going to be performing at a festival that I was shooting. Life is Beautiful was onto it’s sophomore year with an outstanding line-up, including this relatively unknown up and coming artist.

The concert was among the very best of the weekend. He has a presence that was expansive, the connection with his audience was authentic, beyond connected. Such a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting his set.

So for our official Music Monday Track:

G-Eazy – I Mean It (Official Music Video) ft. Remo

‘These Things Happen’ Available Now
Director – Bobby Bruderle
Producer – Abby Vo

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