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Review: Squamish Valley Music Festival

I love summer, I love everything about summer. I love the freedom and heat, the adventure, the travel, the stars, the smell of the ocean, the spongy moss on the ground on sunset adventures – early morning coffee’s on the tops of mountains and late nights bottles of wine under the stars. I love the carefree timelessness with out question… but most of all – I love the festival culture. Music moves my soul. Lyrics become the language my heart speaks when my brain can’t or won’t find the words.

I have always said there is something incredibly powerful about wordlessness being simpatico with a mass amount of people, moving to the same rhythm, to the same beat. Sharing in something greater than self. Loving with passion, presence and purity.

No editing or pre-calculation just shear awe, moment after moment after moment. Hearing music live, music that you normally listen to so independently – through your iPod/phone – quietly attaching yourself to a memory or an emotion – its RAW. When you get to experience it on a field full of people under the hot sun, with magic, a euphoric energy vibrating though the air it’s moving on a cellular level.  People contributing to the shape of the vibration though their personal energy, passion and emotion, it’s nothing short of rapturous.



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This year was my first time experiencing Squamish Valley Music Festival. It’s unlike any festival I have been too in that, there is a certain purity to it. Whether that was intentional or not, maybe it can’t be helped as the festival site is located in the heart of the Squamish Valley, one of the most sublime outdoor recreation areas on the planet. Every which way you look it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I have experienced, mud and dust and even payment at larger scale festivals – this is grass and a cool breeze and friendly patrons, clad in flannel and smiles. I liked it. I am all for the experience of a transformational festival but there is as I said something special about the purist vibe of Squamish where there was nothing between you and the stage… well okay discount the 80000 or so people but stay with me.. it was rejuvenating being so encapsulated by mountains and the sound.

I think for a midsummer festival experience – this one is worth looking at. SVMF is held over three days with a pre-party for the campers taking place on Thursday night. If you are not inclined to stay in a tent there are shuttles running daily from the city. With three stages and an area for EDM, a food truck alley to meet your gastro needs, booths and a merch area.. this festival provides all one might need for a connected happy experience.. mostly though, SVMF is about the music. Grab your blanket and a beer and chill in the superior west coast mountain vibe. Haha… that is chill until Eminem takes the stage 😉

Recap Video 2014

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