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Day One


Where to even begin. Today is a day of everything and nothing.

This post will be brought to you from 30 000 feet. My iPad tells me it’s 7:20pm.. Thus far I’ve been awake approximately 16 hours.. and so begins the adventure.

I woke up this morning completely disturbed by an idea… 3:30am this morning my brain turned on… so of course I started writing. Interestingly I just realized that actually according to local Holland time… its 3:30 am. Random.

I don’t really have much to write about today, worked out this morning around 6 then rushed to finish packing. Took a cab to the airport, left the earth in a miniature plane headed to Seattle and then walked off breakfast all the way to the international terminal.

My little bit of excited today was this.. as we boarded the plane for Amsterdam settled in fastidiously as you do in preparation for a long flight.. something strange happened.

Time kinda… ticked by.
Still there…
And then…
the announcement…
breaks are messed up…
can’t fix them…
time to change planes.

Many people around me were complaining and frustrated due to the time it would take to do so and now they would be missing connection flights. I on the other hand saw this as an opportunity to practice generosity and charity.* #LentChallenge

I think its in these ordinary moments, the way we act and react that become the defining overtones of our character. We ALWAYS have a choice in any given situation and it’s really up to me if I remain focused on the good or allow the shitty irritabilities to wreak havoc. There is an old Cherokee story that illustrates this well:


Insert some naps & two fantastic movies:

About Time, which I HIGHLY recommend. I tried everything in my power NOT to sob – unsuccessful. Completely fitting, the post from yesterday about time was literally played upon cinematically. What blessing and what. a. sign. Okay God, I am listening.

The Second movie was; Invictus. Only fitting I think as we are heading to S. Africa right this second – Another GLOWING Recommendation, I loved this movie. There are many reasons why and too many to list really but here are a few I think are worth mentioning:

We NEED to lift one another. Daily, you are my responsibility, my neighbour. Its important to be concerned for one another.

Its beyond important to admit humility, be humble for in it, a quiet strength lays.

Never give up. EVER.

Lastly, give of yourself. Be faithful to this commitment. The greatest joy in the world can’t be bought, only freely given.

My iPad tells me it’s 2:48 am.. I think local time its 8:50am So there you have it with a blink the night is gone 😉

We are about 45 minutes away from our destination. As there are no real pictures just yet, just hours of time to ramble I will enclose you with this: Breakfast of Champions. (insert heart attack)


Happy Day Readers, Check in tomorrow. ~

*I feel like I want to introduce a little caveat. My last few posts have been a bit motivated. I am truly passionate about helping, inspiring, guiding & loving BUT the beautiful position is this, I am learning too. I am simply leaning in and learning day by day; trying to make the best of everything. I’m no where near complete, but utterly a work in progress. So If I suggest something here its because I too am walking that walk.

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