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Life Hacker Post: $86,400.00

I’ll be happy when…


All night I’ve been tossing and turning.

Thinking about a friend of mine, Kyle. Kyle’s had some heart trouble recently most probably related to stress/high blood pressure.

Kyle is very, very young. Early 40’s. Living an intense life, massive work pressure, with an additional dose of ‘can’t leave the work at work itus‘. He’s a runner, in good shape but currently inconstant and stressed.

The last thing I heard from him yesterday was; “I’ll be happy once this happens”…

My heart sunk. If there were ever truer words for a life sabotage, an inner peace sabotage, a living presently sabotage, a life of gratitude sabotage, I’ll be happy when/if, once this happens – is it.

Find your bliss: a quiz.

Can you easily recall the things in your life that you absolutely LOVE to do??


Write it down.

Do you have at least one thing, that even just thinking about makes you desire to do it again, now, more?


Write it down.

When was the last time you did?

A) Was it this week?
B) Last week?
C) A month ago?
D) Last year?

If you answered anything anything but A: this post is for you.


Today, YOU have to decide if you are ready to live a remarkable life? It’s that simple, make the decision. I can’t make it for you, just like I can’t make it for my friend. The decision is with out a doubt the most terrifying part. You OWN this power.

In choosing to invest in yourself, you let go of the ‘worlds‘ Sheeple mentality and recognize that your life has value, purpose and meaning.

You are an individual. Living, breathing, thriving.

This is a life hack. Practicing living presently is learned behaviour. Getting rid of should, could have, will be better/happy/free when is learned behaviour.

If you can’t see yourself currently thriving, if you answered no to any of the above questions, if you haven’t done the very thing that most excites you for a month or worse a year – let TODAY be that day you take back the control!

Every day you have 86 400 seconds. Granted yes, some of that will need to be spent on work, your family, your responsibilities. BUT not all of it. This is the life hack, YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE TIME.


Let’s start small. Three tasks for this week.

1. Write down the thing(s) that you love to do. My advice keep it simple.

Going for a walk, painting, reading, having coffee with a friend, window shopping, sit outside, meditate, going for a run, walking your animals, baking with your kids, having a bath, napping… You see half the battle is in training your brain to recognize your bliss items. Know what you love, helps you more clearly make them a priority.

2. Give yourself one hour. Mark it in your calendar.

Make it as high of a priority as your kids getting to school on time or your boss getting your assignment finished, or any other high importance task.

3. Don’t mention it to anyone.

We are going to working on brain training, and leaning a new personal reward system. Guilt is a heavy, heavy motivating factor especially in the world we live in today.

If we aren’t the busiest most over worked, frenzied, martyrs out there than we must be doing something wrong?!

This is the case with my friend I think, life pressure, it’s got him and he is literally physically suffering for it.

I say, give yourself 1 hour, keep it simple and to yourself. Do it for you, simply for you. You deserve this hour. No guilt, not excuses.

This small process begins one that is much, much larger. Making a commitment to move away from the shouldy guilt ridden society of no time – we are caring for our WHOLE selves. Improving our quality of life, and letting go of the things that are bigger than us, letting go of supposed to, letting go of I’ll be happy when..

This is the first step in cashing in authentically on the gift that is your life, on redeeming your daily limit.

Good luck readers! I know you have it in you.


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