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Albert Einstein, This is physics.

This weeks #ThrowBackThursday wisdom is going back, but not too far.

What do you think of this?


As someone who spends an enormous amount of time with youth & young adults, in the wake of the tragic stabbing in Calgary I was so disheartened. Then we have this shooting right in our own back yard yesterday in Naniamo BC. This challenges me.

Where on earth is the LOVE?

I speak a lot about being fully present in the moment. However during times of crisis – that is the last place to be. That split second decision becomes a defining reality. Its terrifying. I want to imagine a world where the pressures of life don’t back you into a corner but instead fuel you to try harder, to let go of what you can’t control and know desperate thoughts aren’t solutions. Be Here.  Love Being HERE. Know that, knowing that – it’s not without struggle, for anyone.

Einstein says; match the frequency of the reality you want… YES. Do it. Does that mean thinking out side the box or giving up expectations? Does it mean putting off gratification or justification of today for a solid tomorrow – so be it.

Einstein says, it’s physics, true, reality.

What do you say?

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