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Wallace Falls & Wallace Lake


This post NEEDS a song. Enjoy the awesomeness.

I had a full dose of Nature therapy this past long weekend. Having had to visit Washington state for business.. like always I made the most of it and brought along my favourite ol’ girl. AKA my bike.


What a great day of riding. Leaving the lodge around 11:30 – we were in a little tiny mining town, or what once was.. called Gold Bar.


After speaking with the locals around here – a trail head was chosen.


One thing I LOVE about the Pacific Northwest, it feels like home ❤


Looks like home too…


The trail we took was an old deactivated logging road. It had a rough 5-7% grade up and endless switchbacks. Never. Ending. Switchbacks.


The whole day was fraught with dodging rain cells, we did well though the squall came literally minutes after making it back to camp.


Upon each level the view became a tad more breathtaking.


What I loved about this is the trail was diverse, single track, road, more single track and back to the road. It was easeful going up.


Finally having reached the destination, Wallace Lake – FOOD.



and then a bit of rain.. not that I mind.. I DO love MUD!



What goes up, MUST come down! Beauty views, smooth ride, wind & adrenaline. LOVE it.


Still Smiling.

Another crushed ride.

I highly recommend Gold Bar area for a luscious day of riding.

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