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Sharing the process: Preparation

Welcome to a new segment on Love Being Here.

Sharing the Process.

celiac caution

I was diagnosed with many things over the years.. everything from IBS, to chronic depression, kidney issues, chronic fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, mental confusion, anemia, none if it ever quite fit because nothing that was ever done/prescribed or suggested worked. 

Until now.

I have an auto immune disorder called Celiac Disease. Welcome to The new me 2.0. This is game changing for me. Hallelujah.

If you aren’t familiar with this disease watch the video below. It’s a tiny look, one woman’s perspective. I thought it was a pretty accurate description though based on my experience.

As much as this is really sucking these days as a tremendous amount of re-learnign is going on pretty much everything I know is being modified. Knowledge is power though… I believe that. Onward we go.

I have begun the process of shifting my diet to exclude the things that I can’t absorb and replace them with healthier choices.

Critical information: it’s only me that suffers if I deviate.

ba423b89-10d6-44da-974b-d52e8f69ef61_deep fried pickles

How could anyone resist deep-fried pickles..?? Don’t judge me :O 😦

I am grateful though for the diligence of a particular Doctor for going the extra mile in reaching this diagnosis. It had come to a critical point, I was so anaemic that I was fainting regularly and couldn’t think or work or puzzle anything out on my own, no matter the iron supplements I was taking I just simply wasn’t absorbing it… Some days my body was so weak that I literally struggled to lift my arms.

For an athlete, that’s a scary place to be.

I am so grateful for this new direction and I do in fact feel incredibly empowered. It’s definitely going to be a journey, BUT the reward – a heathy me… is priceless.

This is what it’s boiling down to thus far:

The Struggle: I find I go from good to famished quickly and with out preparing suitable food options I am facing Hangry waaaay more often. I miss besides scottish craft beer.. bagels for breakfast. Yup. That’s pretty much what I ate ever single day.

The Joy: I am feeling creative again & my vocabulary is returning. Almost worse then all the exhausting physical symptoms were the cognitive ones. I am so grateful to be able to think clearly again.

I know this is a lifestyle change as much as a medical one but on a positive note I think because so many people are into the “fad” right now of gluten free – that is going to make my journey a smidgen easier – many grocery stores and restaurants have a few Celiac friendly options.. and at the very, very least this experience had reinforced the truth that eating WHOLE, un-processed foods are the most healthy option for my body.


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  1. What a coincidence that I was searching for someone with anemia who might benefit from reading about my experience and happened upon your celiac story. My twenty-four year old daughter finally has relief after being diagnosed at age 21 with celiac. Hallelujah is right. I wrote her story as a blog entry too if you’d care to read that. Glad you are feeling relief.


    • Thank you Lisa,

      I will read it. Thank you for sharing.

      It’s been a mystery for sure and now about a month after – it’s incredible how different my life is outside of gluten. I feel completely different. Better. More grounded & healthy. Even from originally writing that article, I won’t touch it – it’s just not worth the hurt. Such a great blessing to find this out.

      Congratulations to you both, being diagnosed is the best news.


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