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Tall Tree Music Festival: ‘WILD’ Renfrew B.C.

Tall Tree Music Festival | June 30th to July 3rd 2016 | Browns Mountain | Port Renfrew B.C



Annnnnnd the 2016 Theme’s are:


The official Thursday theme Tall Tree 2016: DRESS AS YOUR FAVOURITE EMOJI!!!! 🍍😎💯💃🏼😍Dress yourself up, dress up your campsite, make a sign, dress up your friends…we just better see some UNREAL EMOJI’S OUT THERE! 😆😜😘😇😳
Best costumes, campsites, signs and anything you dress up will be awarded with prizes and high-fives throughout the day! 💩💩


BLUE STEEL!!!! Second official Theme Day at Tall Tree 2016! Friday, July 1st, is all about Zoolander. Dress to impress all day long – like….we mean literally look like your fave fashion icons, cause we are giving away MAD PRIZING for the best costumes. Oh, and if we see any ‘freak gasoline fight accidents’ we’re going to call your parents.


Final theme day at Tall Tree 2016…IT’S ALL BUSINESS ALL THE TIME!!!! Suit Saturday is BACK! Get those business socks on and meet by the water cooler.



Don’t take it just from us.. I asked the boys of  Illvis Freshly what they  thought about Tall Tree Music Festival.

LBH: Why should everyone go to Tall Tree?

Illvis Freshly: It’s on the top of the most beautiful mountain in the world and there is NO cell reception. It’s not a corporate festival so there is a very authentic feel there. It’s intimate and all your best friends are there, even the ones you haven’t met yet. It’s kinda like going to four different house parties, with three different scenes and that one guy from work is there, all at the same time. The lines are blurred between artist and festy. It’s all about good connection.

Seriously though, What chu waiting for?? For more info or to connect digitally  hop on over to

words by | Deanna Beaudoin

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