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PRD, this ones for you.

Let’s look waaay back, to 2005 for today’s edition of Music Monday. life-is-beautiful-festival-lineup In keeping with my Life is Beautiful theme, I am still working through the long list of chosen bands representing and sharing in this years LIB. kanye-west-mr-brainwash For reasons still unknown to me, and we have already covered how much I dislike this artist.. we’ve got Kanye West as one of the headliners.. WTH. I know?! BUUUT I suppose for the purpose of this Music Monday, we can gleam one little shade of silver lining.. this song is genius. Have a listen to this fine song by Kanye West*

I hope Kanye plays the song. LOL.  I’d enjoy the moment  & as far as  enjoying things  I hope you enjoyed this post,  cause I sure did.

  PRD, you make us laugh. Tis nothing to your sad bullshit. Enjoy it. This ones is for you buddy! Peter Doshire – this ones for you.

Happy Monday

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