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Fitz & the Tantrums, Max Frost & HOLYCHILD

One of my favourite things currently, in my simple little life, is something  which is very hard to explain using words.

A darkened room.

Steaming with energy.



There is a low rumble & it grabs at you waaaay deep down.

Excitement builds.

Heart rate quickens.

That first note bellows & simultaneously the crowd erupts.

Magic literally rips through your core, in a wave of emotion & excitement.

Every. Single. Time.

This is my experience at most small venue underground shows. Watching bands play, new ones or ones I’ve been listening to for  awhile – It’s that exciting time before mega stardom, not quite famous, still loving the craft, connecting with us and fuelled by passion. The rad shows where the band is selling their own merchandise afterwards, talking to fans, making friends. This process, it’s sublimely good. I am very drawn into this world; inspired, fuelled and on fire for that process, that energy.

A few nights ago I met up with some friends to see Fitz & the Tantrums. An LA band playing a unique mix of indie, soulful, fun tunes.


They were playing the Commodore Ballroom on Granville in Vancouver, BC. One of my favourite small venues. Legit cool with edgy, days gone past energy.

I was introduced to this band last year, bought up most of there tracks, fell in love with a few..

 and have been listening since. Their onstage vibe is pure. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in a lot of places with varying  sized infrastructure, some simply underground kids ripping up the stage covering their idols, some big huge mega headliners.. yet only a handful have grabbed my attention purely based on the audience connection and energy output.

Michael & Noelle.. pure goddess energy. Well done. 

In a little tangent.. I read this line on the bands WIKI page this morning, it’s inspiring.

The band [Fitz and the Tantrums] performed their first show at Hotel Café in Hollywood, in December 2008, which Fitzpatrick booked one week after their first rehearsal. In interviews, he has stated the importance of booking a date before the band was ready, in order to bring out the best in all performers.
- Michael Fitzpatrick.

It kinda moved me. Considering I am right there, currently here – living the same strange place with my own company, scary as hell!!! The universe speaks in mysterious ways and I found this to be very affirming.

I heard… “Go out there and give it hell” – “Let’s figure it out” – “Know that place in your minds eye that is far greater than you can currently see!”

I think that’s the point of aiming high, start today. Thanks Fitz, GREAT advice.

Aim High.

I don’t need to have every duck in a row, or everything figured out – sometimes I just got to jump in two feet and start swimming. (I may have heard that before, hey GP??) Something I take with me from my time as a minister – when you work with young people there is a lot of malleability, there just has to be – so this is my famous line: “I don’t know, Let’s figure it out.”

LOL I am realizing in a nut shell, that says a lot about who I am as an entrepreneur, as a human.


Prior to the headliner, we Vancouverites were introduced to HOLYCHILD & Max Frost. 

HOLYCHILD, LA Based with the leads being Liz Nistico & Louie Diller. Kind of a indie/punk/pop sound, super fun. Malevolent Smile Music. LOL.


Strangely, HOLYCHILD landed on my radar about 12 hours before walking in to the show. As I prepare to visit Old Vegas in the fall – I have begun getting to know some of the Alternative bands I am unfamiliar with in the lineup. HOLYCHILD literally landed on my radar about 5 minutes before I found out they were opening for Fitz. Pleasant surprise.


HOLYCHILD's Liz Nistico and I after their set.

The second opener was Max Frost,


…a savvy Johnny Storm [yep, I’m a nerd girl to the core] looking musician from Texas.

Kind of a rad, chill sound. I liked it.

Over all, I’d say pretty damn good for a Wednesday Night in Van.

Next stop for me, Keloha for The Naked & Famous!

 & until next time  ~ big love..

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