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Look at this face, centre of the photo,  grey/blue jersey...

Look at her face, literally study it for a moment.  Jaw clenched,  posture is aggressive, she looks determined. This rider is leaning in, her body language speaks volumes, this racer  appears to be leaving everything on the track.

Every day is a new day. 
Every moment is a new moment.

I’ve been turning, spinning, building & sorting my story out internally. Constantly defining and then redefining my path. Being an entrepreneur is somewhat like the extreme version of having a career – X Games model – Some people work, predictably in jobs they love, doing things that make them happy & live relatively stress free lives (career wise anyway). Entrepreneur’s thus far in my experience do things a little bit differently.


Racers from this years Gastown Grand Prix in Vancouver BC. That speed you see, that is what it feels like to me to be involved in an extreme career. To be an entrepreneur.

Starting a company, more over, creating a service that provides both value to my clients and job satisfaction for me has been a very interesting balancing act.


I have spent the better part of my adult life, ministering to young people – cause focused with youth empowerment being my primary reason for getting up each morning. I truly recognize the power in positive enrichment. I think young people today, much like Spiderman, have great power… but even more importantly, with great power comes great responsibility. 

Psst. Voltaire said it first, sorry Spidey. 

I have never been truly satisfy with only one ball on the court – it’s just not the way my brain works. In addition to focusing on developing a youth empowerment program, I also created curriculum focused on positive technology practices. I spent a good chunk of time working in the tech space before it was so mainstream – I was developing, branding & promoting in the early days, using mediums such as web development and photo journalism as tools to spread the messages that needed to be out there. Lucky for me,  as I genuinely enjoyed this process. When I recognized the need for education around positive technology it was just a natural fit.

That brings me back to today, that brings be back to this moment.

Who do you want to be? Figure it out. What makes you happy? Why not you? Why?

If you recall I wrote a bit about a certain 10 tenants that I gleamed so inspiring after meeting Jennifer Botterill briefly a few months ago – you can find them here if you are interested.

No matter how crazy it may sound to the people around you, make a choice, just decide what it's going to be, who you're going to be, AND how you're going to do it. This is determination.

There is this very real place every entrepreneur/goal focused person needs to get to & it’s HUGE.

Do you have this in you, to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you may become..? Are you in this?!



To get to that place is a process, a daily choice to KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD. 


The original idea for M Media was born on the top of a mountain, in a place where one of my favourite writers spent a portion of his life, in the year that we have been operating, we’ve been evolving. We’ve been defining our strengths and our core focus, it’s been a lot of personal discovery.. I feel very grateful to be surround by great minds and a mentor that is every thing I want to be. When you are a big part of your brand, what you live and breathe becomes relevant, where you spend your time passionately, lends to the realization that – here is where I choose to thrive. This is my focus. That Truth.

What I want for this company is something different – for me it’s not all about making money quickly,  it’s something far more important than that – I want to nurture great ideas, innovation & opportunities to make the world a better place. This is not a grandiose idea – it’s a real idea. I am determined. I do not expect this will come with out cost. I just know that although I may get knocked down, I will NEVER give up.


 Minutia: the small, precise, or trivial details of something.

My vision for this company: Dear Client, I will take care of your voice – we at M Media are about digital strategy, being strategic with  marketing and business development.  We are about Events Management, if we build it… they will come – bridging the hottest ideas, people & products to fit the unique needs of each client &/or event. We are about backend support building & customizing your reach; making your business, product or idea relatable to your clients – In real time.

What ever the Minutia is, we've got you covered.

I want to finished with a very powerful clip, one I come back to, time & time again.


I am going to show you, how great I am !

Photo Credit | Vancouver local photographer, Martin Thorson  Gastown Grand Prix Photo’s.

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