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The Human Condition – Balance


The last few days I am and have been actively in one of those mysterious opportunities which come around exactly when they are most needed. In order for the opportunity to be actualized – one must be constantly at the ready.

I feel like I am, I was.

Intentional living means,  being aware of the world operating around ones self. My commitment is this: I will be here – I recognize the gift of carefree timelessness..  as it erupts.

I’m here, writing from a cabin in the woods on the edge of Lake Huron. I am meeting with a client and his team and as he is genuinely  a lovely person  a Cancer, he has extended his vacation home to serve as a “base” for some team building.

A friend of mine recently brought to my attention his intention to recognize, claim and revel in moments of awe. This is an inspiring thought as I am constantly in search of Awe moments. Maintaing a collection of these moments mean having the ability when recalled to remind us of our profound existence. It’s both humility & self love in the most honest and basic form. This search of awe.

Personally I’ve been in a whirlwind of chaos the last few weeks, maybe months, maybe longer – I think I’ve made strides, progress in healing myself but it’s almost seemed that each piece I cleansed uncovered another area affected by doubt, discord and disharmony.

Tis the way the world disrupts our thoughts. Consumerism & hedonistic positioning becoming more and more the norm, it’s an easy snare in which to fall prey.

That has let me here: today. Now.


I have felt toxic, I am toxic currently.

In my own way I have been taking the necessary steps to cleanse my body. I uncovered the fact that I have celiac disease, have taken steps to learn how best to provide my body with adequate nutrition, which is safe and whole and gluten free. I am exercising in away that fuels both my body and my soul. Although in dealing with such continued low energy levels – this is still in progress. I am trying to better foster my relationships, caring for those people that are important to me – genuinely, presently. I have been working to put my career into a maslowian safe zone, but you know – as an entrepreneur that’s not an easy task all the time. However, progress is being made.. less though in the actual career direction and more in actualizing what moves me. Recognizing what I need to be whole and excited about life.

I am recognizing that at this stage of my journey - it's not going to be solely an income I am after, but a purpose.

Since I feel that I have been quite diligent in creating a nutrition regiment that is whole and healthily, my relationships are mostly clean, my career is tracking – I am curious as to what next to try.

I have come to this conclusion – Spirit. My spirit is blocked. My connection to the Divine is corroded and our conversation has become static, still.


I think as we are a soul, with a body – we must dually work in creating an aligned spirit & body.

It’s very important to pray, to initiate the divine connection, to fullfill your religious obligations should you believe such is important – but away from that – the above picture demonstrates something I personally recognize as true for me. Less about religion and more about soul connection. We are made up of energy, it flows.. when we are whole, it flows abundantly. Those of us with strong centres for intuition know that physical places, people and experiences can interact on a very abstract level within our personal energy fields. Similarly the elements earth, wind, fire, water & play their parts.

As I am here, gifted with this sublime beauty – creation in it’s glory, soft sandy hues, wild blue serenity.

I plan to make some connections during prayer – meditative exercises that may or may not – I am leaning towards MAY (Positive expectancy) cleans my every centres – this week my main focus will be Root.

Sound is vibration. What you may not be aware of is that each of your chakras has a specific vibration as well – and you can use mantras that are known to be in vibrational harmony with each chakra, with the purposes of opening and harmonizing the system.

Using chakra mantras during meditation can have a very powerful effect. Imagine a chakra as an instrument, and the mantra as a tuning fork – strike the tuning fork, and the instrument will come into vibrational resonance with it, clearing out any energies that do not share the same resonance.

When choosing the right mantra for you, the most important point is to allow it to be useful to YOU.

For now I will work with this:



Come with me as I explore this further and let’s just see where next the universe leads..

words by | miss d

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