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30 days of Self Care

Energy is an interesting thing. I can go from this:




Preeeetty quickly. Post Adventure. Post Traveling. Post Deadline.  Coming down is always so hard for me.

Yesterday I was having a slow sort of day, exhaustion had been pressing against my every move. Every which way I turned there it was standing over me, nudging my person, backing me into the corner.  Heavy, Heavy, Exhaustion.

The day before I  had made a commitment to self,

(and as I am writing it here – to you all as well)

That for the month of September I am committing to 1h every. single. day. which is to be filled with SELF CARE.

I will get outside, into the gym, on my bike, into the woods, into a studio, where ever I feel the wind take me on that particular day... so long as I am moving!

I had pretty near talked my self out of this new commitment – yes I know – not even 48 hours in – but again,  with the exhaustion staring me down I couldn’t hide.

I had been glutening (being exposed to gluten unintentionally) myself pretty frequently over the last few weeks as I have been traveling for work.

It’s always so hard to maintain a clean diet while traveling but this..  Katz in New York. Ugh. I am weak. I figured; if it keeps happening unintentionally – might as well grab the bull by the balls and make it good.

IMG_7784 IMG_7661

Pickles. I LOVE pickles and these ones were straight from heaven.
There are no words that can adequately describe the deliciousness of the above sandwich. None. Not a one. I'm easy I know. #notproud ;)

All that living on the edge has caught up with me. I’ve been in a state of mental confusion infused with a side of swiss cheese memory and for dessert – abdominal pain and exhaustion.


Energy Shift, again.

My girlfriend and 12×12 Partner, Sarah texted me with some not too distant travel plans. We began weighing our options between visiting Peru, Bali or India next year. We’re planning now of course to get the best price on flights. As I was considering these three locations – I thought of what I would like to be doing while travelling to really experience the place. Tangent I know; but that’s how my brain works.. Meditation is high on my priority list. I love hiking but I also want to learn more about Yoga.

There is nothing I like more that finding a perch on some ledge over looking magnanimous sites and then offering my gratitude to the Creator! Well this was just the little spark I needed to get going.

I doused some cold water on that exhaustion monster and I got up and went! I made my way to the nearest yoga studio I could find. Yoga for me is a balance between movement and meditation and when I am in such an awry state there is nothing better for both my body & soul.

Enter: live. breathe. yoga.

Newly opened studio in the Victoria Quay, Port Alberni BC.


Everything about this studio invites you in, makes you feel immediately welcome.



There are two change rooms & two showers so if you are popping in, you can clean up post practice.


The sitting area is filled with art and love and positivity.



Jessica the owner, has a collection of Mala beads for meditation for you to purchase. Not an easy thing to find in this wee town.

I was particularly drawn to the Mermaid Mala:

For the whimsical girl who moves through life with a little mystery… HA! That’s me 🙂

Ocean Jasper is an extremely calming stone that strives to align one’s center through love and knowing they are loved. The beauty of the Ocean Jasper is that is increases the expression of the heart in actions and words ~ perhaps you are seeking help with expression and confidence or dreaming about someone in particular.
The Mermaid mala will assist one in their alluring qualities ~ like we said, who doesn’t like a little mystery?

Inside the studio:




As you can see, this space has a beautiful amount of room, it’s heated and from what I can gather the Studio offers Hatha, Vinyasa (flow) and Restorative (yin).

I had a very particular experience while there last night, I will go into the details in a separate post. Additionally, I had a chance to chat with Jessica while I was taking a few pictures after our class, I asked her our m3 ~ Q&A. What a beautiful soul. I’ll be posting that along with all the studio’s information later in the week, and for those of you in the area – if you want to create a little self care of your own – check it out.

Walking through Jessica’s doors last night was a gift & exactly what I needed. With gratitude to the universe. ❤

Contact: live. breathe. yoga.


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