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Interview: Life Is Beautiful, Priory

Today is the day, we’re on location in beautiful downtown Las Vegas bringing you all the action of this magical event! More than a festival, more than a place for artists and passion addicts, chefs and educators it’s a place for YOU!

You become the best version of yourself here, it’s a place to refuel, recharge and re architect your dreams.

What IS your dream? Do you know? Do you have a ready answer for that question? Can you shout it from the roof top?

I know a couple of boys that may be able to answer that question: and rightly so they are making it happen right now.

                  I’d like to introduce Portland Duo, Priory!


As a journalist, I like to think I see the story behind the story, it doesn’t matter much to me if you are a world famous artist if during your show you don’t connect to your audience or if you have a ton of press and everybody wants your attention yet you are completely cold and arrogant – that’s just me though I don’t want to work with people that have lost touch with their sense of wonder.

I care about inspiration – not fame.

I care about humility and gratitude not expectancy and greed.

I care about why you get out of bed every single day to create hour after hour when I know it’s both physically and emotionally exhausting!

When I first encountered Brandon Rush & Kyle Sears of the band Priory it was this quote that made me want to know more. They got asked in an interview recently..

‘What do you want people to take away from your band?” and they said ‘We just want people to think of us as kind, good people. Everyone is invited and included.

I can’t remember the last time a band answered that question so selflessly.

The band just released a new video for their single ‘Weekend,’ starring Bailey Noble (True Blood) and Nick Krause (The Descendants, Boyhood). The song is headed for Top 10 on the alternative charts, they’re a Billboard ‘Emerging Artist,’ TIME ‘Artist You Need To Hear,’ praised by EW, Neon Gold, PerezHilton, Esquire, Idolator, NYLON, and more. They’re currently on a national tour with The Kooks, and will be releasing their ‘Weekend’ EP on Oct 14th.

@M_Media_ had a chance to catch up with Brandon & Kyle to chat a little bit about what makes them tick, they have a fantastic story of passion and persistence!

Brandon and Kyle met in a flophouse, sold everything they had (including their own blood), built out a studio in an old cement factory, and made a record they felt represented everything they were capable of. They dealt with hardships during the recording process – family members with cancer, friends that died of drug overdoses – but turned their life experiences into positive songs with meaningful, cut-to-the-bone messages. The best part is – they did it all themselves.


So of course we had to ask them a few questions of our own #LoveBeingHere variety…

Miss D: What moves you? What makes your heart beat fast, gets you out of bed each day, makes this big ol whirwind of life matter?
The reality that life is short and the fear that we won't be able to experience and accomplish everything that we want to.
Miss D: If you could jump into a time machine and give your younger self a piece of advice; what would you say? 
Put all your energy into one thing that you're incredibly passionate about. The only way to succeed is don't have a fallback.
Miss D: What is the thing you absolutely love about yourself? 
Brandon: My ability to focus and my obsessive personality.
 Kyle: The ability to create on the fly anyplace anywhere.

If you want to catch Priory today, head-on over to the Western Stage, they are preforming at 3:30pm. Thank you gentleman for your time & your passion!


Words by | miss d

If you are interested in updates follow  @M_Media_ for minute by minute #lifeisbeautiful2014 info and remember to use #lovebeinghere to share your passion stories!


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