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Wake me: Music Monday

My truth today has come like a rushing wind. Blaring in my ears and taking over each of my senses until I woke.. fully alive yet not, not awake at all.. stumbling for light groping around in the darkness. Today was a sideways day, the kind you can’t prepare for or dare for or be there for.


My music today is as it alway is, in my little dark place on the edge of my conscience, pressing me, willing me, banging against my inner beat – “Let me in; Let me take the pain..” it whispers.

It was one of These Days…

"One of these days the ground will drop out from beneath your feet, One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat, One of these days the clocks will stop and time won't mean a thing, One of these days their bombs will drop and silence everything…"

And just like that, I am awake, alive and inspired to move. 

We are exactly 25 days away from Life Is Beautiful’s sophomore year!!

The Foo Fighters are this years Sunday Headliner. I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone topping last years performance by the Killers – but the Foo, they do move my soul. They are the original therapists. Doctors in their own right.


It’s obvious that there has been unbelievable Prep & PR and the ridiculous additions to the festival just keep coming. The latest addition on the music side; Milky Chance, you may remember them from a previous LBH Music Monday..

Everything about this festival points to INSPIRE. It’s where it all began for me, it was exactly what I needed to radically chase my dream! That push. Music moves me. This blog even.. it was dreamt up as I lost myself in the crowd, dreaming, planning, conspiring with the universe for a passionate future in music journalism, a path to personal empowerment, for a communications company that works to create real change in the world for GOOD! This blog’s whole vision is a product of the heart beat of Life is Beautiful. Intentional. An intentional life. Each day, we are given the opportunity to LIVE. To wake up and aggressively pursue our dreams and our moments of awe.

Here is a short message from the LIB founder:

Life is Beautiful is an inspirational company dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams. Its signature project, the Life is Beautiful Festival was founded in 2013 and launched in October of that same year as a highly successful lifestyle event featuring marquee musicians, chefs, artists and speakers. Held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful Festival attracted more than 60,000 patrons in its first year, and is now branching out to an international online forum inspiring social change. For more information on the company’s projects and the latest festival news connect with Life is Beautiful socially at,, and


I want to share with you something that came across my desk this week – I hope these boys are going to be at the festival, I’ve watched this a few times. I feel it. I live it. They grasp the Art of Flow..


Parker, Ryker and Rush + one. Local & not in that order. These Vancouverites are creators of #sundayfundayz & The Entertainment company, High On Life and strangely, now that I have a closer look I think at least one of these boys lives in my building. #smallworld

These guys spent 10 grand each and 3 years of awe to film this video, all with the life philosophy – “If you can, you should.”

What does it feel like to be present?

To be here in the now and fully experiencing this moment.

Free from any weight of the past or any anticipation of the future.

Just free.

Free to realize that only you can control how you feel.

About anything.

Free to see things for what they are and free to give your time and energy to what really matters.


Accept the fact that everything that makes up your world is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts.

Realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions.

There’s no big secret.

Just choose to think better feeling thoughts.

Listen to your emotions and chose to feel good.

You can decide to be in a place of attraction and abundance.

What do you want to do in your life?

What makes you tick?

What makes you feel awe?

Don’t be misled into thinking that you’re supposed to do anything.

You are supposed to do only what you chose to do.

The world is vast and full of possibilities.

Follow your bliss.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can.


With less than a month before I head down to Vegas armed only with my camera, a mic and an openness to the experience. I am going to be photographing this event, chatting with the artists, chefs, musicians and keynotes seeking out answers to three little questions, getting a behind the scenes look at the beat, the heart beat fully alive and vibing ~ Love Being Here will be on location as part of the Media for Life is Beautiful so stay tuned I’ll be bringing YOU with me. You can expect daily recaps and an insider view. It will be me seeking people seeking connection. If you are going to be making the trek, saying yes to the pulse – come find me!

Not every day is a great one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not growing you – it’s up to us to recognize our desire to live, to be alive. This morning was a tough one and what saved me, what always saves me? Music. Simple Music.

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same.” ~ John Denver.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, there are still a few available.

For the 2014 line up – enjoy the video below.

words by  miss d

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