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30 Days of Cleansing in 300 words per day.

(or 30 Days of Cleansing in a 30 Second Read)

Do yourself a favour and invest these next thirty seconds wisely, in YOU.


Day 1

For the next 30 days, I’m going to take you with me as I battle my way to Health Happiness using a cleanse by Renew brand CleanseSMART. It’s a 30-day plan offering natural organ detoxification focusing on the liver and colon. It’s fairly simple to follow with only 2 capsules in the day and 2 before bed. You can enhance it with a fibre supplement like Psyllium Husk, or something more gentle on the bowels, like their Fibre Smart which is packed with goodies like flax seed, L-glutamine, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark and triphala.

They have a suggested diet, which is basically ‘healthy choices’, but having done this cleanse before, I’m opting to go with a little more intense of a diet to really detox the body and help break some seasonal habits that are easy to fall into.


This time of year it’s way too easy to hit a holiday party and have a glass of wine (or three!). Not to mention those delicious calorie-packed seasonal coffee beverages, the excess snacks in the office kitchen… it really is the hardest season to stick to something like this!

The best way to start a cleanse can be on a Saturday, as it’s empowering for a few reasons;

1. Friday night you can get away with one last treat of pasta or a glass of wine to end the workweek.

2. You have a weekend morning to go on that first inspirational grocery shopping trip to load up on healthy veggies and fruit.

3. There’s usually time to exercise, which helps kick-start the healthy mindset you need to practice during cleanse.


So here we go, the first day is always fun and easy because your body isn’t yet cut off from the usual evils of caffeine, sugar, dairy etc. We’ll see how the body feels in a couple days!

Have a question about this cleanse? Thinking of starting one of your own? Leave your comments for Taylor below.

words by | Taylor Jukes 


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