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Tag: Health & Wellness

Determination: three choices at a time.

I am feeling pretty determined this morning to take back control of my life, health wise. I’ve finished with the career decision process,  I’ve also finished with the personal relationship […]

Apple Morning Booster

Originally posted on kat&amiea:
Wether or not you are suffering from a sinus cold or a getaway in Las Vegas, the congestion can be terribly unpleasant. Back at…

30 Day Cleanse: Oops

Day 15 Let me start this by saying no one is perfect. Right? Yesterday I failed to follow my strict diet on the 30-day cleanse due to a Christmas party. […]

30 Day Cleanse: Mmmm Coffeeee

Day 13 Almost two weeks into the cleanse and I’m feeling great! Initially there were some uncomfortable days. When you stop drinking coffee cold-turkey you tend to get a bad […]

30 Day Cleanse: Feet First

Day 11 During a cleanse there are so many things you can do to rid the toxins out of your body besides just taking the pills in the kit as […]

30 Day Cleanse: Breakfast! Out!

Day 9 One of my favorite things to do for weekend brunch, is to go for a delicious late-morning meal in the city. Milestones in English Bay is a fun […]

30 Day Cleanse: To have or to have not..?

Day 3: Tips & Tricks Here’s snapshot of what I’m not allowing myself to have while cleansing for the next month; Alcohol, sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, diet pops, dairy (except greek […]