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Music Monday: Clean Bandit

Music Monday: Compliments of the UK group taking the world by storm; Clean Bandit.


Clean Bandit roughly translated as (Dodgy Rascal) are a British electronic group founded in Cambridge, England in 2009. The group consists of Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, and Neil Amin-Smith.

It’s not exactly electronic, but there are electric parts. Its not exactly classical, but there are classic parts & it’s not exactly dance but you will dance to it.

With Two Brothers (Jack & Luke), Two Childhood Friends (Grace & Neil), One Couple (Jack & Grace), are you still with me?? Four Years & 2000 Miles. The result sounds “STRONGER” than one might expect with a dance/pop/classical fusion. Coincidentally #Stronger is the brand new hit single off their debut album NEW EYES which is available right now on iTunes.

LBH caught up to Clean Bandit this past week at none other than the historic Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver BC’s entertainment district. With the band having recently come from Coachella, and alone their tour & on their way to other 2015 festivals such as The Governors Ball, Bestival, and Glasenburry it was fantastic to catch them in an intimate venue.

Photo Credit: Creative Copper Images

Photo Credit: Creative Copper Images

We can only hope as we await the line up for Life is Beautiful that they will make an appearance there as well! Hint, Hint – #LIB2015

Another of Clean Bandit’s songs that should be noted in this #MusicMonday: Clean Bandit edition is “Rather Be”. Last year, the band achieved their first US Top 10 single peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2015, “Rather Be” won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

On the sublime fusion of sound: 

Photo Credit Joshua Schulz

Photo Credit Joshua Schulz

“This band literally started out as Grace’s string quartet & I started adding samples and beats” – Jack Patterson

“The foursome came together in the studious air of Cambridge University and classical music. Here Grace Chatto and Neil Amin-Smith, who performed together from the age of five in North London, were one half of a string quartet. Grace’s boyfriend Jack Patterson began “writing beats and basslines to little snippets of recordings of our concerts to create something different for the people who were coming”, explains Grace Chatto. This led to a club night – the National Rail Disco – and a feverish burst of creativity. “We wrote about 10 songs in two weeks,” says Grace. “One of the most productive time we’ve ever had and that was five years ago.” The quartet performed perched on bar stools while Jack triggered beats from his laptop and friend and regular collaborator Love Ssega MCed. It was the string quartet’s audience and they had no idea what to expect, but the experimental fusion of electronic and classical was a huge success. And the lives of the band changed forever that night. “We knew immediately we wanted to do it seriously.”

“Real Love” Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

words by | Deanna Beaudoin

concert photography | Jenn McInnes

Creative Copper Images

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