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Festival: Lightning In a Bottle

Lighting in a Bottle | May 20-25th 2015 | Bradley California 

“People getting together celebrating life through music; it’s about as human as it gets.”


There are thousands and thousands of festivals around the world, what makes this one worth looking at? We at are LBH are very into transformational festivals. We are interested in community building, connection, the full range of the human experience. LIB creates a space that allows for human moments, interconnectedness and collaboration.

Aside from an outstanding musical venue, LIB offers much, much more.

In addition to world-class music, Lightning in a Bottle is also known for its mesmerizing stage designs, stellar performance art and one-of-a-kind art installations alongside opportunities to engage with yoga and dance classes, motivational speakers, and health-conscious workshops. These are held at the festival sanctuaries – The Temple of Consciousness, The Village, and The Learning Kitchen – and create an overall sense of connection making Lightning in a Bottle one of the most innovative and beloved festivals on the planet.

Empowerment: UNIFY

UNIFY organizes global synchronized meditations and social actions in hundreds of cities around the world. They now have a network of millions of people, 3000+ global event organizers and are entering into a phase of accelerated growth.

They will be discussing Mystical Activism and humanity’s future unified inside The Village on Saturday at 12:15-1:30pm this year. This gathering will be a Council Meeting for you to share ideas, vision, and inspiration for how we can best steward this movement into the future. Together we are One.

Video | If you build it, they will come.


The 5-day camping festival will take place 25 minutes north of Paso Robles on California’s central coast at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA over Memorial Day Weekend (May 21 – 25, 2015). Tickets:

Lightning in a Bottle Website | Lightning in a Bottle Facebook | Facebook Event Page | Do LaB Website | Do LaB Facebook


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