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Music Monday: Lowell

Lowell is one of those rare artists that is unconventional, yet undeniably catchy. If you’ve ever had a chance to see her perform live, you’ll know she is an artist who commands your attention. Her shows are always incredibly fun, entertaining, and you’re never really sure what to expect.

If you haven’t seen Lowell yet, well now is your chance. Lowell, along with her band filling in on drums, guitar/bass, and synths, joined us for a live performance in the Indie88 Hidden Studio. Watch the session below, where Lowell and her band perform “I Love You Money” and “The Bells”, both from her debut album We Loved Her Dearly.

From LBH | Music Monday: I Love You Money.

I just stumbled across this band; timely introduction for sure. It’s been a dark few days for me and I connected easily with Elizabeth Boland the Canadian Electro Pop singer when in the above videos she said; ” I probably have an unusual past, but everyone has their way of channeling things out.” Truth. As I type this post I have dried paint on my fingers and am listening to a song on repeat trying to sooth darkness in this week. She’s right we all have our way of channeling things out. 

I think I am going to like this band. There is a certain intelligence in her lyrics, a message and purpose behind the synth funk pop.

If you want to hear Lowell for yourself you can join us at Way Home Festival this coming July in Ontario, Canada. Lowell is preforming. Keep an eye out for more coverage on WayHome and be sure to watch their video. Inspiring!


One last Lowell jam to get you through Monday with “The Bells“.

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